Below are articles that have been written about Lesflicks.

These amazing sites clearly support women loving women on screen and care as deeply as we do about increasing access to lesbian and bisexual films for women!

So check them out and give them some love.


Cinema For All | 4 June 2020

Cinema For All included a shout out to Lesflicks in their recent update. Read the article>>>

Out News Global | 27 May 2020

When Naomi Bennett found herself increasingly frustrated by the lack of readily-available lesbian themed movies, she decided to do something about it. Now, a year after founding Lesflicks, Naomi talks to Rob Harkavy about her passion for lesbian entertainment and why the industry still has a long way to go. Watch the interview >>>

TFF Mag | 25 May 2020

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of chatting with Miss Naomi Bennett of Lesflicks streaming platform. Naomi is no newbie to the queer media scene. Read the article>>>

Nicole Russin-McFarland | 4 May 2020

A Netflix for LGBTQ women’s films did not exist, so Naomi Bennett created one. In 2019, she founded Lesflicks, a video on demand platform with fan film viewing parties around the world. Countering against the exploitative misconceptions of what LGBTQ women in pop culture should be like, Lesflicks provides comforting films that treat female characters like human beings. Read the article>>>


Being LGBTQ Podcast | 9 Aug 2019

Naomi was interviewed about Lesflicks in episode 30 of this fabulous LGBTQ podcast. Listen to the whole episode, or skip to minute 11 to hear the interview.

GScene | 2 Aug 2019

To prove there is an audience for lesbian films Lesflicks visited LFEST Lesbian Festival in North Wales to collect key audience data last month. Read the article>>>

Canal-St | 26 Jul 2019

Lesflicks may have only launched on 1 March, but it is growing fast … the video on demand platform is launching on Saturday 20 July with a … Read the article>>>

OUTinPerth | 23 Jul 2019

Starting out as a collective that ran film screenings and events around the United Kingdom, Lesflicks is now a full streaming service complete … Read the article>>>

SBS | 22 Jul 2019

Launching as a website and film database back in March of this year, UK’s Lesflicks is now expanding to become a streaming service focusing … Read the article>>>

QLife | 21 Jul 2019

Lesflicks, a new streaming service decidated to movies with a … to arrange a screening of JT LeRoy in Manchester over Pride at the end of … Read the article>>>

LGBT Life | 20 Jul 2019

Lesflicks , a new streaming service decidated to movies with a … to arrange a screening of JT LeRoy in Manchester over Pride at the end of … Read the article>>>

Gay Star News | 20 Jul 2019

Lesflicks, a new streaming service decidated to movies with a lesbian or bisexual focus, launched today. Lesflicks began life back in March. Read the article>>>

Gscene | 18 Jul 2019

As the UK’s only lesbian arts festival, we’re delighted that Naomi has chosen this festival to launch the Lesflicks video on demand channel. Read the article>>>

I Love Manchester | 11 Jul 2019

Manchester Pride reveals Superbia arts and cultural events for 2019 … Manchester Pride. The line up to …. Lesflicks presents ‘JT LeRoy’ – No. Read the article>>>

Gay Times Magazine | 10 Jul 2019

Manchester Pride have unveiled their cultural programme of events across this year’s festival weekend. Superbia Weekend will feature a … Read the article>>>

The Most Cake | 4 Jul 2019

The huge venue will be transformed into an Island of Sapphic Pride, Love … The pioneering LesFlicks will be showing JT LeRoy starring dykon … Read the article>>>

Gay Star News | 7 Jun 2019

Are these the best LGBT movies of all time?
Rotten Tomatoes has drawn up a list of the highest-rated LGBT movies on its aggregator website… Read the article>>>

Gay Star News | 31 May 2019

Bennett is the founder of Lesflicks, a UK website aiming to make it easier for lesbian and bisexual women seeking out more content featuring … Read the article>>>

Gay Star News | 26 Apr 2019

OPINION: Naomi Bennett, Founder of Lesflicks, talks about lesbians in movies and why she launched her streaming service to promote # … Read the article>>>

GScene by Graham Robson | 13 March 2019

New website promotes lesbian & Bisexual women on screen in the UK! Read the article>>>

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