Why you can’t watch the L word in your country…

and how we hope to change that

Social Media has been abuzz with speculation and discussion of the new L Word: Generation Q, and so much of it has been around people finding out that the series isn’t available in their country and why the season appears so short.

There are 3 key things to note about the new The L Word: Generation Q:

  1. It is independently made content (as is the case with the majority of lesbian and bisexual film and TV), which means there is no big TV network or film studio backing it.
  2. The film and TV industry thinks there isn’t an audience for lesbian film and TV or that we don’t want to pay for content, just illegally download it for free. This means it doesn’t get programmed; and more often it doesn’t get made.
  3. There is no data on the size of queer women across the world as an audience and hard numbers are what filmmakers use to get support and funding for their projects.

Below is some deeper background on the distribution of The L Word: Generation Q and lesbian TV in general (so the same applies for Batwoman) and how you can help improve this in your country and across the world!

Why isn’t The L Word available in my country?

The L Word Generation Q is currently to be available in 9 countries (US, Canada, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand) in December 2019, and possibly some time in 2020 (Germany, Ireland, and the UK)… there are 195 countries in the World and queer women live in all of them! In Europe alone out of our 44 countries, it’ll only be available in 5, maybe 8… these numbers are terrible to say the least.

Update: UK release day announced as 4 February on Sky Atlantic!

It is frustrating how many countries don’t have the show – but that does demonstrate how many platform programmers don’t think there is audience to make the show worthwhile. One option people have been suggesting is to use a VPN to access a country that is showing it, HBO Nordic being the favourite, and give them your money so you count as a viewer, and support the financial viability of this series.

Why is The L Word only available on paid platforms?

The L Word is an independent series so they need to make sure people watch it and that it can make money. The reason we have waited so many years for another lesbian series is that the people that choose what TV gets made think there is no audience and that lesbians won’t pay for content and will only illegally stream. So paying via legitimate subscriptions is essential to ensure the creators can show there is an audience and they are financially supported, so that hopefully a network will commission and pay for another series; whether that be another L Word or another lesbian series. It is exactly the same with lesbian films which is why we’re working hard at LesFlicks to prove there is an audience.

How can we change this to get The L Word and other queer representation in more countries?

LesFlicks was created to increase the knowledge of, and access to, lesbian film and TV and we’ve been doing that the last 3 months, building our database and offering unlimited access to great lesbian and bisexual films and series through our streaming service; but this alone isn’t going to prove to a country that doesn’t have The L Word that there is a big enough audience. We also don’t know how big the lesbian film and tv audience is worldwide!

At LesFlicks we are collecting data on queer women and access to lesbian film and TV. We are finding out how many of us there are, how we hear about content, and how we watch it. We can then feed this back to studios and networks and hopefully show programmers that it isn’t that there is no audience; but that we just aren’t being engaged with at present and aren’t being made content that represents us and our experiences. Hopefully this will result in more film and TV featuring real queer representation getting funding, and getting aired.

Understanding piracy

Any free screening is piracy as this show is only on paid platforms. Anyone uploading content can get prison time. The average prison sentence worldwide is 16 years. It can be anything from 4 years to life. Watchers of pirated content can also be penalised. If you are reported to your internet provider they may restrict or remove your internet. Independent content piracy is far more aggressively pursued as they are funded by people not companies.

How can you help?

Fill out the survey below and send to every lesbian and bisexual woman and non-binary person you know and ask them to do the same. Stand up and be counted! We are an audience!


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