Drop everything, the new L Word: Generation Q teaser just dropped!

The lesbian event of the year is happening in the US in December… the rest of the world has no idea what is going on but because the internet is global we’re caught up in it even though we really don’t know if we will be able to see it, or if we’ll spend months avoiding spoilers.

Even though deep down we know we can’t watch this, it isn’t stopping us all going crazy over the new trailer, and dreaming of what might be… or getting angry at what won’t be.

First of all, check out the new trailer here for the most famous ever lesbian tv series then scroll down to see our top 5 takeaways from this teaser trailer.

5 things we noticed in this new teaser

1. Bette Porter for Mayor!

Ok, so Bette was always the power woman of The L Word, but oh my she has put her art days behind her; lost her wife and baby(?) and is running for Mayor! I wonder how she feels about Trump as President?!

2. Shane is back!

Shane is back… however there is no sign of any of her previous women – come on, are you really surprised? Shane never was one to settle down… who is that blonde she’s with – house mate or latest fling???

3. Alice is a hot presenter!

Is Alice the next Ellen DeGeneres? It sure does seem that way… there is definitely no glass ceiling in her career!

4. Bette is kissing another woman!

Where is Tina and the baby? This is more hotly contested that Shane’s lack of Carmen… where is Tina and what happened to their baby? In real life we know that Laurel Holloman has been focusing on her amazing art so it isn’t that surprising she isn’t back – but we can’t wait to see what happened in L Word land…

5. Alice and Shane are as close as ever!

Ok so it seems like they’ve been distant – we think maybe Shane’s been travelling since the blonde appears to have only just moved to LA (reading between the scenes) but we’re delighted to see that time and space does not break down that bond and they’re as close as ever!


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