We’re seeking filmmakers, actors and industry professionals who have the rights to short films with a lesbian and bisexual theme and would like to access their audience through the LesFlicks website and other third party video on demand portals.

LesFlicks is a new lesbian and bisexual film website that launched on 1 March 2019. We aim to bring quality content made by and for a lesbian and bisexual audience to a bigger audience.

As well as selling existing DVDs in an easy to find central location, streaming films online  and writing about films, we are seeking to curate short compilations to help independent filmmakers to get their short films to the widest possible audience.

We also invite any lesbian or bisexual female or non-binary identifying filmmakers to join our industry portal to share knowledge, experiences and to network.

Submit your short

We are seeking 10 short films with a lesbian or bisexual lead, storyline or supporting character. The top 10 films will be curated into a shorts DVD and distributed across the UK in the second half of 2019. In addition to the DVD they will also be submitted to various online video on demand portals to maximise the reach.

We are proud to be collaborating with FilmDoo on our first shorts compilation which will be released online later in 2019.

FilmDoo logoLesFlicks is delighted to be collaborating with FilmDoo on the curation and promotion of short film compilations which will be distributed on LesFlicks, FilmDoo, Amazon and other third-party platforms around the world, to bring an enhanced number of short films with a lesbian and bisexual storyline to the public eye.

FilmDoo CEO and Cofounder Weerada Sucharitkul noted,

“We are excited to embark on this new partnership with LesFlicks.  As a leading LGBT film distribution platform, we are continually looking at new ways and partners who can help us achieve our mission of helping under-represented stories and voices from around the world to get discovered and seen, especially lesbian and bisexual films which often do not make it through the traditional film distribution system. Combining FilmDoo’s strength in innovative marketing technology and LesFlick’s in curation and film programming, we will be able to significantly help improve the discoverability and accessibility of lesbian and bisexual films to our global audience base.”

Naomi, Founder of LesFlicks says:

“Over the past few years, whilst attending various film festivals and screenings I’ve spoken to many filmmakers about their experiences. I’ve seen a lot of films at film festivals or via press screenings that never make it to the mainstream or LGBT outlets and are not available to the public, or are extremely hard to find, which is a real shame for both the potential viewers and the filmmakers. I realized there was an opportunity to bring these two together for the benefit of all, so LesFlicks was born!”

Film submissions are accepted by female filmmakers whose film contains a lesbian or bisexual storyline, or has a supporting character who is bisexual or lesbian and is shown in a positive light.

This is the first of many shorts compilations we plan to create, as well as supporting filmmakers to get their content onto DVD.*

*50{c7169d3fc74abcfb7f9e4a0de7d059aeb33b51442cb2f06ba31e13651e66f4af} of Planet Nation visitors in 2018 were seeking lesbian DVDs, it was a top 5 visited page and further research has shown there is still a strong desire for the physical DVD in the lesbian community.

As with all LesFlicks initiatives, royalties will be paid to all filmmakers with content included. More information about royalties for filmmakers can be found in our industry portal.