Collaborating with Queer Cinema

Way back in March at BFI Flare when we first entered into the world, we met a lovely person called Calu who told us about a regular event they ran called Queer Cinema and asked if we would be interested in collaborating on an event later in the year.

As we love nothing better than collaborating (you really are stronger together, and can get more done and to a bigger audience) of course we said yes.

Fast forward a couple of months and we agreed a date. LesFlicks would source and curate 45 minutes of short films along the theme of women loving women that would be shown at Queer Cinema on Saturday 21 September.

What is Queer Cinema?

Queer Cinema is one of a wide range of events run by Queer Newham. Queer Newham is a local initiative to raise awareness on gender equality and support the well-being of the LGBTQA+ community in Newham (east London).

The Queer Cinema is a two hour event on a Sunday afternoon where between 40 and 60 LGBTQA+ people come together to watch, and discuss 45 minutes of short films. The films are mostly subtitled to ensure accessibility (very occasionally this isn’t possible) and free refreshments are provided.

How did LesFlicks curate the programme?

Founder Naomi, and curator Caroline put out a call for content on FilmFreeway back in June. Between June and September they sifted through the 96 submissions and shortlisted 45 films that fit the criteria.

So then the tough part of choosing 45 minutes of content that fitted together to create an awesome programme… that was no easy choice! It took some time, and the programme was only finalised on 5 September, leaving very little time to pull together the content. Plus of course, there was the matter of what to do with the remaining 39 short films that we still loved and wanted to support (that is for another day!)

What will be showing on 21 September?

A programme of six films was selected, which will be shown in pairs as follows:


Hey Stranger

Just Saffy



Esteemed Madam Director


When and Where is LesFlicks Queer Cinema?

Date: Saturday 21 September
Time: 2pm-5pm
Location: Stratford Park Tennis Courts, West Ham Lane, E15 4PT

Queer Cinema presents: Women loving women (curated by Lesflicks)

Whether we identify as lesbian, bisexual or queer women or as non-binary babes one thing unites us – the struggle to be visible, to be equal, to be ourselves and to see ourselves represented on screen. Occasionally we get to create a space where we are the majority and we can just be ourselves – today is one of those days!

Join our friendly and community centred session. Short films (45 minutes of shorts curated by LesFlicks) + guest speakers + interactive discussions (joining is optional). Refreshments provided.

Queer Newham website:

Article was first published on 20 August 2019, and subsequently updated on 1 September, 10 September and 22 September 2019.