According to an exclusive on Deadline, ABC has committed to creating a one-hour drama from Allan Heinberg, Marvel Television and ABC Studios. Written by Allan, it is about female characters with superpowers.

ABC has a strong history of female-centric series with Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19 and How to Get Away with Murder to name just a few. In addition, ABC developed Jessica Jones before it moved across to Netflix, so it is no surprise to hear that they are interested in this pitch.

Allan Heinberg has a lot of experience under his belt, having worked on Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Gilmore Girls, The OC, Party of Five, Sex and the City and Wonder Woman. So whilst it is a little frustrating that a man will be producing a woman’s story, we will be in good hands so to speak and we can only hope that a strong female cast and crew will be built around this experience to make something truly magical.

This new series is being kept very secret for now, but it is thought it will focus on some of the lesser-known female characters. This could include characters such as A-Force, Lady Liberators, Fearless Defenders, Squirrel girl, America Chavez, Quake, Mockingbird, She-Hulk, Spider-Woman, Jane Foster, Scarlet Witch, Jean Grey, Gamora, Silver Sable, Jubilee or Kamala Khan – the list is pretty long (in fact over 200 in total!). Given the Defenders series saw characters from various televisions series coming together, we can only hope to bring together a powerhouse of visibility and representation mixing new characters with those we have met before. 

The timing is right for such a series, Captain Marvel has show there is an audience for women on screen. Not only that it can sell just as well, or better than other Marvel films with male characters.

Not only do we want to see queer women on screen in strong, positive roles but we want good storylines, interesting characters with depth and the same level of investment as previous Marvel series.

With 9 characters being promised, there is also hope for some queer representation on screen. Although to date there has been little, the television series have been seeing more than the cinematic universe so if it is going to happen anywhere, this series is most likely.

We will be watching this develop with much anticipation!