This year marks the 17th Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, which is currently playing a wide variety of new horror, science fiction, fantasy, and genre films from the 11th-27th December. The festival is exclusively online, with the option to stream select films, or binge as many as you want with a film pass option. Program tickets are only $10, and you’ll get 7-day viewing access once you unlock it. But hurry fast, because once you start watching, you’ll have 24 hours to finish! Among the festival’s vast collection are an array of LBTQ+ films. So, if you’re looking for new LBTQ+ films to watch this December, here are the ones Another Hole in the Head are screening right now.

LoverGirl (2020)

Directed by Lesflicks’ very own, Shawna Khorasani, this comedy short features a young girl who discovers that the girl she has secretly been crushing on forever is bisexual. Realising she actually has a chance to be with the girl of her dreams, she tries to pull out all the stops to win her over. Unfortunately for her, the course of love isn’t so simple and smooth…

Check out the trailer below. Watch LoverGirl now in the Through Rainbow Lenses shorts program.

Catfight (2019)

Set in a Hunger Games-esque world, women are forced to fight each other to the death in an underground event known as ‘Catfighting,’ a horrific sport created with the sole purpose of entertaining a male audience. One of the female fighters and her trainer/lover are discovered and outed by one of their own, and as punishment for their relationship, must fight each other in the tournament. Only one of them can survive. 

Check out the trailer below, and click here to watch the full film in the Dark Rainbow shorts program!

Doris and Ivy (2020)

Fed up of her negligent husband, a middle-aged woman makes her great escape to the city to get some much-needed space. While she’s there, she happens to meet and connect with a local drag queen who is dealing with the exact same situation in life.

You can watch the full film in Through Rainbow Lenses program here!

Fade (2020)

In this modern-day silent film, we follow the journey of a woman struggling to cope after the tragic death of her wife.

Click here to watch Fade in the Through Rainbow Lenses program!

Unhappy Birthday (2019)

After dealing with a brutal dumping on her thirtieth birthday, a woman finds herself having an unexpected epiphany instead of a broken-hearted hangover the day after.

Click here to watch Unhappy Birthday in the Through Rainbow Lenses program. 

Tuxedo Terrace (2020)

A gay immigrant and his lesbian wife host a dinner party in an attempt to play it straight, in order to fool the government organisation investigating their marriage. What the couple don’t bargain on discovering, is that they aren’t the only ones keeping a secret during dinner.

Click here to watch Tuxedo Terrace in the A Funny Thing Happened program.

Honorable Mentions

Some other films we wanted to mention are:

  • Thorns (2020) — a short horror film directed by Sarah Wisner, Sean Temple. Stopping at a sketchy motel for some private intimacy, Gwen and Jade get the sense that someone’s watching them. Watch Thorns now in the Dark Rainbow shorts program.
  • Static Age (2020) — an experimental sci-fi short directed by Nic Feliciano. Suffering in a dystopian corporate-run world, a queer Filipino couple dream of escaping to Off Earth Philippines. Check out the trailer, and if you like it, watch the whole thing in Sanctuaries!
  • Expulsion (2020) — an Irish short film directed by Kevin Gaffney. Fictional queer politics of the future are brought into contact with queer history through excerpts from Arthur Evans’ “Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture” and archival footage of Joan Jett Blakk, Queer Nation’s candidate for the US presidency in 1992. You can watch the trailer here, and see the whole film in the Sanctuaries program.

I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled by the insane variety and talent showcased in these films! Check out these LBTQ+ films in Another Hole in the Head Film Festival, and let us know which ones are your favourites. All of us here at Lesflicks are very excited to watch them. Let us know if you had the opportunity to join the festival and enjoy the programs. Find us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.



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