Queer film has a singular power to highlight the lives of a community. It can show struggle, express loss, pose questions and highlight challenges.

At a time when queer voices have never been heard more, these short films showcase a wide array of concerns for queer people: family, friendship, love, coming out, gaining agency and feeling the value of community.

These films come from different corners of the world, showing characters of varying ages, from various strands within the queer community, while always highlighting the power of sharing our stories.

Cover Track (2020)

Cover Track tells the story of Mya, whose world is turned upside-down when a personal photo surfaces online. Ready or not, Mya must now reconcile the identity she has adopted with the one she knows deep down to be true. What does it take to be someone else?

At just 12 minutes in length, Cover Track, directed by Sam Nutt, sounds compelling and surely will take hold of you from the start. The Ireland-based film is available on Raindance for free (with an optional donation) until November 7, 2020. Watch the trailer here!

Killer Workout (2020)

Joy is a queer black woman working as a personal trainer for the wealthy and powerful. However, vivid fantasies of brutally murdering her classist, racist clients plague her relentlessly. What happens when her fantasies start bleeding into reality?

Directed by Sara Werner, Killer Workout is a delightful and satirical dark comedy that I’m sure will both tantalize you and make you laugh. The film is available on Raindance until November 7th, 2020. Watch the trailer here.

Denim (2019)

Micayla is a 17 year-old at a small town high school. One day, the resident mean girl discovers that Micayla has a secret. School becomes a nightmare, the community shuns her and no one accepts her for who she is. Micayla thinks it might be easier to float into oblivion. Would anyone care?

Starring transgender activist and celebrity Jazz Jennings, Denim tells the desperately needed story of a young transgender girl in a less than tolerant world. It’s about time transgender, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming youth and adults see themselves represented onscreen more accurately! Denim is available for free (donations optional) on Raindance until November 7, 2020. You can watch the trailer here.

Kill Norwood (2019)

Overprotective parents Jonathan and Nancy attempt to pry their game-obsessed daughter Maxine away from the screen and back to reality by hiring an online assassin. After realising that their plan has failed, they reluctantly follow Maxine to an arcade where they discover the real secret she has been hiding…

Fun fact–this short film was inspired by a true story found on Reddit about a Chinese couple who, in an attempt to stop their son’s gaming addiction, hired a hitman to “kill” his character in online games. And based on the trailer, it’s clear that you will be entertained and amused. Kill Norwood is available to watch on Raindance for free (donations optional) until November 7, 2020. Find out more about the film and check out the trailer here

The Mistress (2019)

During her husband’s funeral, Maritere receives an unexpected visit from Angela. Maritere’s overprotective son Fernando notices the strange interactions between the two women. Who is Angela? What was her relationship to Maritere’s husband? Feelings from the past are awoken and all is not what it seems in this comedic short.

One thing to appreciate about this Puerto Rican film is its representation for older women who identify as queer. Maritere’s and Angela’s story sounds intriguing, and even more so when you throw a bewildered and protective son into the mix. The Mistress is available for free on Raindance until November 7, 2020. Of course, if you liked the film and feel so inclined to support the festival and the creators, feel free to pay a small donation as well. Watch the trailer here!

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Written By Shawna

Written By Shawna

Editor, Reviewer, Writer

Independent screenwriter and director with the focus of telling stories for and about women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalized groups.