Fringe! Film Festival 2019

Fringe! Film Festival returns to London from 12 to 17 November 2019.

With 25 feature films, and a broad range of short films, the 2019 edition of Fringe! Film Festival offers a great selection to choose from – and choose you will have to do as the films are being shown across a few different venues in East London and it isn’t possible to see everything.

If you would like to see some films, we’ve listed the lesbian/bisexual women films below. In addition, the LesFlicks Film Club London will be popping up to see three of the films so if you want to come along to our film and social, grab your ticket and let us know you’re coming. A couple include a pre or post dinner. 

Films with a lesbian/bisexual theme


Transfinite @ The Castle Cinema (attend with LesFlicks Film Club London) (Wed, 19:00)

Terror Nullius @ Genesis Cinema (Wed, 21:00)


Green Snake @ The Castle Cinema (Sat, 18:00)

Nothing To Lose @ Barbican Cinema (Sat, 18:30)

The Archivettes @ Stoke Newington Library Gallery (Sat, 20:00)


Being Impossible @ The Barbican Cinema (Thu, 18:15)

Narcissister Organ Player @ LADA (Thu, 19:00)

The Sad Girls of the Mountains @ The Castle Cinema (attend with LesFlicks Film Club London) (Thu, 21:00)


Fabiana @ Stoke Newington Library Gallery (Sun,13:00)

The Cancer Journals Revisited @ Rio Cinema (Sun, 13:00)

Blindsided @ Stoke Newington Town Hall (Sun, 16:00)

Deep Waters @ Stoke Newington Town Hall (Sun, 18:30)


Capital Retour @ Stoke Newington Town Hall (Fri 19:00)

(W/hole) @ Stoke Newington Library Gallery (Fri, 19:00)

A Luv Tale (UK Premiere) @ Genesis Cinema (attend with LesFlicks Film Club London) (Fri, 21:00)

Shorts programmes

Club De Femmes: Two Decades of Dyke Shorts from The British Underground @ Stoke Newington Library Gallery (Sat,13:30 (80s) and Sat, 16:00 (90s))

Survive and Thrive @ Stoke Newington Library Gallery (Fri, 19:00)

A Hole New World With You @ Stoke Newington Town Hall (Sat, 13:30)

For the Culture @ Stoke Newington Town Hall (Sat, 16:00)

Tainted Love @ Stoke Newington Town Hall (Fri 21:30)

Hide and Seek @ Stoke Newington Town Hall (Sat, 19:00)

Fish Out of Water @ Stoke Newington Town Hall (Sun, 13:00)

LesFlicks Top Picks

Here are our top picks from this festival. What are yours?

About Fringe! Film Festival

Since 2011, Fringe! Queer Film & Arts Fest has been an entirely volunteer-run organisation rooted in London’s queer creative scene. In Novembers, and throughout the year, we showcase an eclectic mix of films, arts and events celebrating LGBTIQA+ stories from around the world, welcoming everybody.

Fringe! started in 2011 as a community response to arts cuts carnage, and since then we’ve ‘expanded exponentially to become one of the most innovative and exciting festivals on the circuit.’(Londonist)

From feature films to experimental installations, workshops and lively debates to wild parties, Fringe! hosts a multitude of diverse events to tickle every one of the senses. You’ll see us flooding East London’s cinemas, art galleries, pop-up venues and basement clubs with the powerful, provocative and strange.