Tonight the annual programme launch took place where we get to see a few snippets of trailers in each of the sections of the programme.

This is our full list of wlw films, along with our annual guide of how to watch every wlw film across the festival without clashes; we’ve already shared the centrepiece and closing films and three other lesbian films we’re excited to see.

Why not engage with us on social and tell us what you want to see!

The BFI Flare programme is online here. Tickets go on sale to members 11:30am on 25 February, and to the public at 11:30am on 27 February 2020

Cinema capacities

Tickets sell out fast, so be savvy and go for larger screenings where possible.

NFT1 (450 seats), NFT2 (125 seats), NFT3 (134 seats), Studio (38 seats)

R = repeat screening

Thursday 19 March
19/3 20:20 NFT1 Clementine
19/3 20:30 NFT2 Queer Genius
19/3 20:40 Studio Portrait of a Lady on Fire
19/3 20:50 NFT3 We Are the Radical Monarchs

Tickets for 19/3

Friday 20 March
20/3 17:50 Studio Clementine (R)
20/3 18:20 NFT2 Make Up
20/3 20:20 Studio Queer Genius (R)

Tickets for 20/3

Saturday 21 March
21/3 13:30 NFT1 Past Imperfect (shorts programme)
21/3 16:00 NFT3 Bloodsisters: Leather, Dykes and Sadomasochism
21/3 18:20 NFT2 My Fiona
21/3 20:25 Studio Booksmart

Tickets for 21/3


Sunday 22 March
22/3 13:50 NFT2 We Are the Radical Monarchs (R)
22/3 16:00 NFT2 My Fiona (R)
22/3 18:20 NFT1 Justine
Discussion event

12:00 BFI Reuben Library – Lesbian Cinema: From Subtext to Visibility

Tickets for 22/3


Monday 23 March
23/3 14:00 NFT3 Justine (R) relaxed screening
23/3 14:10 NFT2 Justine (R)
23/3 18:00 Studio Queer Genius (R)
23/3 18:30 NFT3 Make Up (R)
23/3 20:50 Studio Booksmart (R)

Tickets for 23/3

Tuesday 24 March
24/3 18:10 Studio Portrait of a Lady on Fire (R)
24/3 18:30 NFT1 Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt)
24/3 20:40 NFT2 T11 Incomplete

Tickets for 24/3

Wednesday 25 March
25/3 18:15 NFT2 Queering the Script
25/3 18:30 NFT3 Flawless
25/3 20:30 NFT2 Lingua Franca
25/3 20:45 NFT3 Two of Us
25/3 Studio Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt) (R)

Tickets for 25/3

Thursday 26 March
26/3 NFT3 T11 Incomplete (R)
26/3 18:20 NFT1 Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen centrepiece screening
26/3 20:30 NFT2 Queering the Script (R)
26/3 20:50 NFT3 Lingua Franca (R)

Tickets for 26/3

Friday 27 March
27/3 16:10 NFT3 Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen (R)
27/3 18:30 NFT2 Anne+
27/3 20:00 NFT3 Pride & Protest
27/3 20:20 Studio Two of Us (R)

Tickets for 27/3

Saturday 28 March
28/3 11:30 NFT1 Wonders of the Unvierse (shorts programme)
28/3 15:50 NFT2 Anne+ (R) (BSL interpreted)
28/3 18:05 NFT2 Flawless (R)
28/3 18:10 FT3 Pride & Protest (R)
28/3 18:15 NFT1 Summerland closing gala film
28/3 20:45 NFT1 Summerland (R) closing gala film

Tickets for 28/3


Sunday 29 March
29/3 13:40 NFT3 Booksmart (R)
29/3 18:00 NFT3 Portrait of a Lady on Fire (R)

Tickets 29/3

There will also be a number of popular films repeated as ‘best of the fest’ on this date. These are announced part-way through the festival.

Lesflicks Film Club

We will be holding 4 film clubs around 1pm, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. Details will be announced during the festival so keep an eye on our social media!

Lesflicks Socials
Sat 21/3 7pm Riverfront Bar Lesflicks hosted social (look out for the Lesflicks badges)
Sun 22/3 7pm Riverfront Bar Lesflicks hosted social (look out for the Lesflicks badges)
Sat 28/3 6pm Riverfront Bar Lesflicks hosted social (look out for the Lesflicks badges)
Sun 29/3 TBC between 12pm and 6pm Lesflicks social and film club (exact film and time tbc) Click on the image below for more details and to vote on the film.

About BFI Flare

BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival is the UK’s longest running queer film event. It began in 1986 as Gay’s Own Pictures. By its 3rd edition it was tagged the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and since then has grown to become the largest LGBTIQ+ film event in the UK, and its most anticipated. The Festival changed its name to BFI Flare in 2014 to reflect the increasing diversity of its films, filmmakers and audience.

The festival is programmed by Jay Bernard, Michael Blyth, Zorian Clayton, Brian Robinson, Emma Smart and guest programmer Tara Brown, led by Festivals Director, Tricia Tuttle.

The 2019 edition of BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival included 53 feature films, an expanded industry programme, selected films on BFI Player VOD service, a series of special events and archive screenings. fiveFilms4freedom saw BFI Flare offer five LGBTIQ+ short films for free across the world and promoted through the British Council’s global networks.

Ticket pricess

BFI Members pay £6.50-£10.50

Non-members pay £8.00-£12.60

Concessions £6.50-£8.20

Under 25s can turn up 45 minutes before a screening and if there is a seat, can get a ticket for £3

Opening and closing films are £15.20

All films on Sunday 29 March are £8.00