Mandahla Rose is known for many roles. This talented queer Australian actress works tirelessly to represent the LBTQ+ community in a positive fashion, and we honestly can’t thank her enough. Currently, with 29 acting credits listed on IMDB, we have selected eight lesbian films and series with Mandahla Rose to bring you all the loving feelings that her incredible acting skills alone can bring. Read on for a list of eight films and series starring Mandahla Rose.


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All About E (2015)

Directed by Louise Wadley

Synopsis: A beautiful sexy DJ is forced to run when she stumbles on a stash of cash. Can she keep the money, conquer her demons, AND get the girl?

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August in the City (2017)

Directed by Christie Conochalla

 Synopsis: The film is set to the theme of love and loss. Two women find themselves completely drawn to each other but one fears the consequences from society in 1978.

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Synchronicity (2019)

Directed by Stephanie Neroes

 Synopsis: Cammie, a singer-songwriter, lives her life as if she’s in a relationship in an effort to attract the love of her life.  She sings to her “love” and prepares dinner for two, nightly.  Moving in next door to Cammie is Taylor, another believer in manifestation.  Taylor states affirmations of love and abundance while leaving space in her closet and drawers for her “love” as well as prepares dinner for two, nightly.  Having drifted closer and closer together, it’s only a matter of time before they are sitting face to face sharing a meal and falling in love.

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Crazy Bitches (2019- )

Directed by Jane Clark

 Synopsis: Seven women and one fab gay guy head to Hallowed Spirits Ranch for some R&R. The first night goes well, but old rivalries and misguided love affairs begin to resurface. Then they learn a dark secret – the remote ranch is the site of a murder of teen girls twenty years ago and the killer was never found. When one of the women turns up dead, stabbed with her own stiletto heel, the rest must figure out how to get off the ranch alive.

Mandahla Rose doesn’t appear in Crazy Bitches until Season Two, but you should definitely watch from the beginning so you don’t miss anything!

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Passage Series (2019- )

Directed by Christin Baker

 Synopsis: Passage is an episodic paranormal sci-fi drama centered around Janus Agent Ali Prader. This queer mom is a top paranormal operative for a secret division called Caelus within the government. They rely on her special capabilities to handle the different situations which can arise from interacting with paranormal entities. Ali is able to balance her professional and personal life – that is until she starts to unravel a thread that opens the door to a new crucial shift in power.

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Venice the Series (2009- )

Various directors

 Synopsis: Focuses on the life of Gina Brogno, a single, gay, self-made interior designer living and working in Venice Beach, California, as she tries to navigate her love life while dealing with lifelong issues with her family.

Mandahla appears in Season 6 of Venice the Series.

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Butch Pal for the Straight Gal (2019-)

Directed by Assaad Yacoub

 Synopsis: In a world where societal pressures often force women to act, dress, and conform to unrealistic feminine stereotypes, five queer women, each with their own specialty, help straight women re-discover their true identity and offer tips on how they can overcome outdated gender roles. With areas of expertise including Fashion, Grooming, Cooking, Design, and Culture, straight women will learn everything from simplifying their morning routine to life skills traditionally attributed to men.

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Forever Not Maybe (2020)

Directed by Christie Conochalla

 Synopsis: Two women fight for what makes them happiest, they just can’t exactly distinguish if it’s each other or their careers. They only have time for one but they try to have it all.

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