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As much as we’d love for Apartment 3B to be a part of our VOD platform, for the moment it only exists in the minds of the creative team behind Lesflicks (who it seems is pretty creative given this storyline – we can’t wait until we actually can start investing in films!).

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make films like this with casts like this happen… we already know that Charlize Theron would love to star in a Die Hard movie (hence our nod to that by casting her as the adrenaline-hungry mediator named Joanne McLane!). In the film world anything is possible if the money and the audience exists… 

…If this is a film that you’d like to see made and released onto our platform, there are a few things you can do to help amplify lesbian film, and increase budgets, speed up productions and generally make lesbian & bisexual films bigger and better.  


  1. Talk about a (or all!) lesbian or bisexual films you watched and enjoyed on social media in public – this helps to show the size of the audience as many voices create an army! 
  2. Share legal links to lesbian & bisexual films you enjoy with your friends and networks to help them easily find legal content – this helps to reduce piracy and increases views and awareness of lesbian & bisexual films  
  3. Do not share or watch illegally pirated free films and report films you find to Lesflicks so we can notify the content creator as soon as we find it to help get them down – piracy is one of the biggest excuses given to not fund lesbian & bisexual films 
  4. Become an amplifier and help us to raise awareness of lesbian & bisexual films that are available by sharing key messages and campaigns whilst also being part of an awesome growing community of lesbian & bisexual film loves around the world 
  5. Subscribe to Lesflicks VOD PlatformIt goes without saying that the larger we are, the bigger the films we can offer. Films such as Apartment 3B (maybe not with our dream cast – but then who knows, if the community gets behind us maybe we could!!!).

We appreciate though that not everybody may have the funds to help us in this way. And that’s ok! You can also help by telling your family, friends, pets, neighbors, guy who runs your local supermarket, pretty much anyone you know, about Lesflicks. The more people who know about Lesflicks, the more potential members we can reach. There are over 11 million women worldwide over 16 who don’t identify as straight – if we can connect with and amplify even 10% of this community then we can prove an audience and drive forward lesbian film. 

We’re doing everything we can behind the scenes, but we need help from the community to reach the big names in the industry, and to prove that there is an audience for lesbian and bisexual films. Be part of the change, no matter how big or small your contribution! 

The original article, published 1am on 1 April 2021

It’s the wlw movie that you’ve all been waiting for! Starting production in 2022.

Starring an A-list cast and crew, Angela Robinson’s Apartment 3B is the story of an intergenerational friendship between two lesbian couples living in the same apartment block on Brooklyn Heights. At first the relationship seems difficult: when Emma and Marisol (Kristen Stewart and Aubrey Plaza) move into apartment 3B, Jude and Mia (Holland Taylor and Wanda Sykes), the older couple next door, are struck with the fear that they may have lost all notions of peace. And they’re not wrong.

From day 1, when the child-sized speakers are heaved into apartment 3B, Emma and Marisol hold an endless stream of parties, filled with more people than could ever be advised by the fire department. Between the permanent thumping of the EDM bass and the cloud of weed that seems to seep into the corridor at all hours of the day, Jude and Mia’s patience is worn down to breaking point. One day, after they find their naked Sphynx cat has been graffitied during the latest party, they decide that they must take drastic action. Of course, this is only met with an equally drastic rebuttal, which results in a court-mandated mediation. The couples must meet regularly with the adrenaline-hungry mediator, Joanne McLane (Charlize Theron). They know that any misstep could result in their eviction, and possibly even end up in orange jump suits.

As the couples try to get back at each other, their own relationships are tested and their fragilities exposed, as the women let their ugly sides show. Each couple begins to see that their neighbors are perhaps not all that bad, and that they themselves maybe aren’t all that easy to live next to either. Apartment 3B is a movie about tolerance, about the love and friendship we can find in the most unexpected places.

“In a time when everyone seems to have something to be angry about, it was particularly important for me to make this film,” Robinson commented.

“We’re all so busy trying to get our way or to prove that we’re right, that we don’t stop to hear what the other person has to say. And this is something both couples learn the hard way. They find out that there’s so much more to gain if we just accept someone for who they are, rather than for what we want them to be. Plus, they may just have one or two useful experiences to share with us.”

Writers Natasha Lyonne and Amy Poehler added that, although this script has been a long time in the making, it was only after the start of the pandemic that it really began to form a life of its own.

“Being cooped up for so long has given this movie a new dimension,” Lyonne explained. “On the one hand, we’re re-evaluating our spaces and how we fill them. But on the other – and this is perhaps the most important in Apartment 3B – we’ve gone through a process of re-examining ourselves and our relationship with those around us. We’ve come to realize the importance of these connections, not only with our loved ones, but with the strangers and neighbors that take up a bigger part of our life than most of us would care to admit.”

When the actresses were asked what made this film unique, they were quick to provide answers.

“The intergenerational aspect is something you don’t see in many lesbian movies,” said Sykes. “And it’s a shame because there’s so much there that can be unpacked. Making this film, I realized how far the lesbian and bisexual community has come. But I also realized how much more we’ve got left to do. Which is why we’ve got to have these intergenerational conversations. So that we not only know about the struggles of our community, but the strength and resilience of it too. We’ve got to support our younger members as we pass the baton from one generation to another.”

The movie has everything you could possibly want: in addition to the comic moments that will have you peeing your pants, there are instances of tenderness and love, both in the romantic and platonic sense of the word. Add to that a cameo appearance by Jodie Foster, as the vegan horoscope-reading friend, and the incredible soundtrack by Hayley Kiyoko and King Princess, this is truly a movie you will not want to miss out on!

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