What’s your favorite lesbian/WLW film or series? I’ll bet you have at least one that you could watch over and over again. Most likely, when you think of that film or series, you might think of the director or creator. But have you ever thought of who wrote those works? The story has to go onscreen somehow! Not to worry, because for National Screenwriters Day, we’ve put together a handy dandy list of WLW screenwriters whose work you should check out. If you subscribe to Lesflicks VOD or have seen some of the selections we offer, you might recognize a few names…

Read on to find out more about these up and coming screenwriters, and where you can follow along with their work!

Jill Harrigan

Jill is a writer/director/producer known for Laynie Needs a Light and Half Lost, both available on Lesflicks VODWhile living in Maine between 2018 – 2020, she was one of 7 directors hand-picked to create a film for Damnationland, a horror/thriller film festival showcasing Maine-based filmmakers. Because of this, Jill was afforded the opportunity to direct her second film, Laynie Needs a Light. This film was co-written by Jill and her good friend and Director of Photography, Charlotte Warren, and received the award for Best Screenplay Short at the 2019 Long Beach QFilm Festival. She remains committed to writing stories with lesbian protagonists whose dilemma has nothing to do with their sexual preference. And because she’s been in a bi-racial relationship for over 16 years, Jill is adamant about ensuring this kind of representation in every screenplay she writes. Find Jill Harrigan on IMDB and Twitter!

Kris and Lindy Boustedt

One of our favorite filmmaker duos, the Boustedts have several titles under their belts, some of which you can find on Lesflicks VODTogether, they have written/directed/produced three feature films and eight shorts. Their work has played prestige festivals, toured the world, and been broadcast internationally.

As a freelance producer, Lindy has brought dozens of projects to life, from branded content to serialized productions, shorts to features. She also works with fearless360, a startup collective developing content, programming, and curriculum for VR/AR/360 media. With her partners, she created and produced SIFFX (2016), the largest XR festival in the country, TWIST360, the first focusing on queer content and NFFTYX, the first dedicated to young filmmakers.

As a freelance editor, Kris has edited over 25 narrative films and numerous promotional projects. As an educator, he teaches at Shoreline Community College (where he co-wrote the degree for Digital Filmmaking) and Bellevue College. His students have worked on films that have screened at Sundance, Toronto and Cannes and been nominated for Academy Awards. Find out more about Kris and Lindy here. You can watch Bonfire, Practical Things, Together Forever, and Brides to Be on Lesflicks VOD now! 

Jane Marlow

One half of the film production company Donut Films, Jane Marlow is a writer, filmmaker, and journalist based in London. After graduating from QMUL, Jane trained as an actress at Mountview Theatre School in London. After ten years in the business, Jane’s career broadened out to include script writing, writing and journalism. She has written from some of the UK’s most popular shows including EastEnders, The Bill, Bad Girls and Hollyoaks. Her work on Hollyoaks has been nominated for a British Soap Award for ‘Best Exit’ and she was part of the team on The Bill who won the UK Writers’ Guild Award for ‘Best Drama Series’. In 2017, she wrote the short film Dancing Alone which she went on to co-direct with Nick Swannell.

Find out more about Jane Marlow here. Luckily, you can view some of Jane’s works on Lesflicks VODDancing Alone and Take Me Back.

B. Danielle Watkins

 If you love lesbian film, chances are you have definitely heard of B. Danielle Watkins at least once! Author, filmmaker, and writer, Watkins began writing at the age of 9 starting with poems and short stories. She was only 15 when she had her first poem published in the “Poetry Gems” Collection presented by The Famous Poets Society. After creating several successful projects, including short films and a few series, Watkins launched her own production company, Dream N 1 Productions, in early 2016. Taking her career to the next level, Ms. Watkins became the first and only African American filmmaker to write, produce and star in a REVRY original series, “3030”. 

B. Danielle Watkins certainly has made a name for herself, and it looks like she’s not slowing down anytime soon! She is most known for We Need a Little Christmas, Parallel the Documentary, 143, Good Morning, and 30 30. Lesflicks is honored to host several of Watkins’ works, which you can access in her Filmmaker Collection here. Follow Watkins on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

Michelle Ehlen

Here is another queer filmmaker and writer you should know in the world of lesbian film. Michelle Ehlen is an independent filmmaker and actor, best known for creating the first lesbian comedy trilogy – Butch Jamie, Heterosexual Jill, and S&M Sally. Identifying with both the queer and DIY filmmaking movements, much of their work satirizes gender, sexuality, stereotypes, and identity. Their films have screened in over 100 festivals worldwide, won 20 awards, and have been sold to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HereTV, and many other outlets.

Ehlen also founded their own production company called Ballet Diesel Films. You can follow along with their work on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You can view some of Ehlen’s works on our Lesflicks VOD Filmmaker Collection

Florencia Manóvil

Florencia Manóvil is a queer Latina fiction writer-director based in Oakland, California. Under Mynah Films, she creates work that centers on marginalized, underrepresented identities and perspectives. 

She was voted “Best Filmmaker of the East Bay” in 2015, shortly after the release of her web series Dyke Central, which has been lauded by press and fans alike for groundbreaking diversity in its representation of LGBTQ characters. Before that, her debut indie feature Fiona’s Script (2009) was also celebrated for its realistic depiction of a group of queer women of color, and her short “Encuentro” (2017) was embraced by film festivals for its relevant juxtaposition of a young American-born Latina and a more mature traveller from Latin America. 

Manóvil’s current feature-in-development, Star-Crossed, is a sprawling love story that follows two passionate women over more than a decade, as their divergent, justice-oriented life paths intersect and continuosly pit them against each other. Additionally, Manóvil has been working on a trilogy of shorts which explore the four elements as expressed through four very different women; of these, she recently completed Solstice (36m), a film that explores issues of parenting as well as of trauma, feminist community, and safe spaces.

Lucky for you, Dyke Central and Encuentro are both on Lesflicks VOD! You can follow along with Florencia’s work on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Want to see what else she’s done? Find her on IMDB and her official website.

Nicole Conn

Nicole Conn was born on October 29, 1959 in Mesa, Arizona, USA. She is an award winning director and writer, first known for her groundbreaking film, Claire of the Moon (1992). She wrote and directed Cynara: Poetry in Motion (1996), and a multiple award-winning documentary, little man (2005), about her son who was born 100 days early. In addition, she has written and directed two more award winning films, Elena Undone (2010) and A Perfect Ending (2012), and wrote and directed the short, Jen Foster: She (2014).

Lesflicks is lucky to host her latest popular film, More Beautiful For Having Been Broken, on Lesflicks VOD. If you haven’t seen any of Nicole’s movies yet, you need to! You can find her on IMDB, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also check out her official site here.

Christie Conochalla

Christie Conochalla is a director who lives in Los Angeles, CA. She is known for her screwball romantic comedy “Once Upon a Zipper,” her award-winning dramatic short “August in the City,” and her feature film “Forever Not Maybe.” Through her love of old films, Conochalla knew at a young age she wanted to make movies and create stories which would affect people at the core of their hearts. She looks forward to a long career of doing just that across all genres.

Check out Christie’s works in our Lesflicks VOD Filmmaker Collection! You can find her on IMDB, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and on her website.

Lisa Tedesco

Lisa is an indie filmmaker based in the New York Metro area. She is known for her award-winning short film, August in the City. She has several projects in development now with her production company, Lady Film Media, which strives for positive representation of women, LGBTQIA persons and POC with the motto “Breaking all barriers”. Lisa has dabbled in a little bit of everything–according to her IMDB, she has credits under producing, directing, writing, acting, and editing. We love an indie filmmaker who can do it all!

Follow along with Lisa’s work and her production company on their official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Hillary Esquina

Hillary is an award-winning storyteller, creator, writer and producer. She started off in post-production and content creation, then made the transition to content marketing and strategy. After being inspired to tell more stories for her community, she began writing strong and complex LGBTQ+ stories in hopes of bringing more representation to screens. These stories include PASSAGE, a sci-fi/fantasy web-series and queer holiday short film HOLIDAY HELP DESK.

Watch Passage and Holiday Help Desk on Lesflicks VOD! You can find Hillary on IMDB, Twitter, and Instagram

So how many of these talented screenwriters and filmmakers have you heard of? We are so honored to be able to showcase and host some of their works. All of these LBTQ writers have created great content for the community, and they are living proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. You can create the kind of content you’ve always wanted to see, and what’s better is I’m sure there’s an audience out there just waiting to see it on their screens! So go forth and start writing–who knows, your film or series may just end up on Lesflicks. And tell us what you thought of this list on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Know any other talented screenwriters in the community?

Written By Shawna

Written By Shawna

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Independent screenwriter and director with the focus of telling stories for and about women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalized groups.