We have achieved a positive year in the vast lesbian and bisexual representation on screen! With so many stories such as Summerland, Ammonite, Happiest Season, I Hate New Year’s, Dating in Place, Good Kisser, and Forever Not Maybe, these narratives came to our screens to spread love and hope in one of the toughest times in human history, all the while giving us goosebumps. Although the future is uncertain, it’s important to understand that hardship is part of life. There is always a lesson and an opportunity to grow stronger and kinder than before, even when it feels like the end of the world. This is something we have learned from each of these stories. That’s where art comes in, opening your eyes to limitless possibilities. Now we’re opening the gates to 2021, realizing that it will not be the beginning of a fairy story, but the light at the end of the tunnel. We welcome 2021 with a range of strong LBTQ stories lined up for your entertainment! Read on for new films and series to watch next year.


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4 Feet High (2021- )

Directed by María Belén Poncio & Rosario Perazolo Masjoan

Juana, a 17-year-old wheelchair user, aims to explore her sexuality but is ashamed of her body. Trying to find her place in a new high school, she will go through failure, friendship, fear, and politics until she builds her own pride. Cast: Marisol Agostina Irigoyen, Florencia Licera, Marcio Ramses, Natalia Di Cienzo, Francisca Spinotti.

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Batwoman (2019- )

Various directors. Created by Caroline Dries

Kate Kane seeks justice for Gotham City as Batwoman. Cast: Javicia Leslie, Camrus Johnson, Rachel Skarsten, Meagan Tandy

* Season 2 premieres 17 January 2021 on The CW *

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Dickinson (2019- )

Various directors. Created by Alena Smith

An inside look at the world of writer Emily Dickinson. Cast: Hailee Steinfeld, Adrian Enscoe, Anna Baryshnikov

* Season 2 premieres 8 January 2021 on Apple TV *

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Gentleman Jack (2019- )

Directed by Sally Wainwright, Sarah Harding, Jennifer Perrott. Created by Sally Wainwright

A dramatization of the life of LGBTQ+ trailblazer, voracious learner and cryptic diarist Anne Lister, who returns to Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1832, determined to transform the fate of her faded ancestral home Shibden Hall. Cast: Suranne Jones, Sophie Rundle, Rosie Cavaliero

* There has not been an air date confirmed yet *

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Benedetta (2021)

Directed by Paul Verhoeven

A 17th-century nun in Italy suffers from disturbing religious and erotic visions. She is assisted by a companion, and the relationship between the two women develops into a romantic love affair. Cast: Charlotte Rampling, Lambert Wilson, Virginie Efira

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Ma Belle, My Beauty (2021)

Directed by Marion Hill

A surprise reunion in the South of France reignites passions and jealousies between two women who were formerly polyamorous lovers. Cast: Idella Johnson, Hannah Pepper-Cunningham, Lucien Guignard 

* World Premiere at the Sundance Film Festival 2021 *

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Matcha & Vanilla (In Post-production)

Directed by Hamish Downie

A lesbian couple in conservative Japan must fight to stay together when one of them is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Cast: Qyoko Kudo, Tomoko Hayakawa, Adam J. Yeend

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One Four Three (In Post-production)

Directed by Jade Winters

Genevieve enters a lesbian relationship with Rebecca, leaving her fiancé and family devastated. But a violent attack by an unknown assailant finds her hospitalised with amnesia. With nothing to lose, she begins the dangerous task of uncovering who she is and who attacked her. Cast: Ella McCready, Ellouise Shakespeare-Hart, Rory Grant 

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Passing (2021)

Directed by Rebecca Hall

Based on the novella by Nella Larsen.”Passing” follows the unexpected reunion of two high school friends, whose renewed acquaintance ignites a mutual obsession that threatens both of their carefully constructed realities. Cast: Tessa Thompson, Ruth Negga, Alexander Skarsgård, Bill Camp 

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The World to Come (2021)

Directed by Mona Fastvold

Somewhere along the mid-19th century American East Coast frontier, two neighboring couples battle hardship and isolation, witnessed by a splendid yet testing landscape, challenging them both physically and psychologically. Cast: Katherine Waterston, Vanessa Kirby, Karina Ziana Gherasim

* This film is on the festival circuit. Release date 5 March 2021 in the UK *

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Two of Us (2021)

Directed by Filippo Meneghetti

Pensioners Nina and Madeleine have hidden their deep and passionate love for many decades, but their bond is put to the test when they are suddenly unable to move freely between each other’s apartments. Cast: Barbara Sukowa, Martine Chevallier, Léa Drucker

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Rain Beau’s End (2021)

Directed by Tracy Wren

When a progressive lesbian couple adopts a child with XXY in the 90s, a time when this diagnosis was inaccurately linked to a genetic predisposition for violence, they must contend with their hard-lined stance on acceptance as they struggle to raise their family. Cast: Amanda Powell, Janelle Snow, Ed Asner, Christian Stolte, Melanie Chandra

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From 28 January to 03 February 2021, the Sundance Film Festival will screen these four LBTQ stories: Ma Belle, My Beauty; 4 Feet High, The World to Come and Passing. Rain Beau’s End is heading to have its world premiere on Lesflicks VOD, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Get excited, as you now have discovered 12 new titles to go crazy about throughout the year. Let us appreciate the effort put into bringing us not only love or coming out stories, but appreciate the difficulty of narratives of women in modern times having to deal with social injustices and/or disabilities. Subscribe today to our new VOD platform, and help us bring you more than just coming out stories (we love them though!). We also love all forms of genres and themes when love between two women is normalized. What other films or series are you looking forward to seeing in 2021? We want to hear from you! Find us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.