Here at Lesflicks, one of our primary aims is to support filmmakers and creatives in having their work celebrated as well as seen. One great way to garner recognition and therefore bring more attention to the content you have undoubtedly poured lots of blood, sweat, and tears into is to submit your short/feature film or web series for awards.

It is because Lesflicks believes that more filmmakers, particularly those of independent films who often have to struggle to make their film with little to no financial backing, should be given the chance to be in the spotlight and be nominated–as well as win awards that we have launched the Lesflicks Film Awards, coming to you in 2021! Find out more about the LFAs here

Other upcoming award opportunities that may interest our filmmakers are the Emmy® Awards. In our continued support of filmmakers, we have obtained some key information about these awards and written up this article as an introductory guide for your reference.

In the US, the Emmys® are divided into the Daytime Emmy® Awards, the Primetime Emmy® Awards, and the Los Angeles Area Emmy® Awards. A sister organisation to the Primetime Emmy® Awards, the Daytime equivalent considers submissions to their awards in a multitude of different categories pertaining to short films, feature-length films, TV programs, and web series in genres that would be considered appropriate for ‘daytime television’. This means that any ‘family-oriented’ or ‘family-friendly’ content could be put in for consideration.

The Primetime Emmy® Awards considers content that would warrant late-night airing. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Area Emmy® Awards honour excellence in the arts and sciences of television in programming, news, and sports within the Los Angeles local market. For content predominantly produced by a non US-organization, such work should be submitted to the International Emmy® Awards. However, if the content belongs to the genre of news or documentary, then it should be submitted to the News & Documentary Emmy® Awards.

Here are some main points to take note of:

• Content must’ve been originally created for television, and not intended for a theatrical release (e.g. cable TV, pay-per-view, etc.). Also accepted are all forms of Video on Demand and streaming platforms.
• All entries in 2021 Emmy® contests must have an original airing date in 2020 to be eligible.
• Any film industry professional is permitted to submit work into any of the award categories.
• Costs of submitting your work will vary across the different categories and awards. An example given is if a film with a large crew is submitted to the Daytime Emmys®, it would cost $500 USD, but in a performer category where the film had a small team the entry might only cost $250 USD.

• Work cannot be submitted to more than one of the branches of the Emmys® i.e. only one of Daytime/Primetime/LA Area/News & Documentary/International Emmy® Awards with no overlap between them. You may, however, submit your work to as many categories as you wish, where relevant. A tip from US filmmakers: entering for the Daytime Emmys®, if eligible, is less competitive than submitting for a Primetime Emmy® Award. Also, that if you deeply believe that aspects of your work are “Emmy® Award-worthy” and you have the money to invest in submissions, then you should enter into any categories you feel highlight the strengths of your work, to increase your chances of winning.
• Entries will be accepted within a submission window of which the dates vary between the different Emmy® Awards, with some already being open for submission, and others not yet accepting them till early next year. You can take advantage of a discounted entry fee if you submit earlier.
• Each category under the awards are voted on by fellow film industry professionals who are members of the TV Academy and who specialise in that category of work.
• If you are unsure about which awards and categories your work is eligible for. you’re encouraged to email the administration team for more information before submitting your entry. Deadlines, rules, procedures, and contact information can be found via the relevant websites provided below.

Here are useful links to the various Emmy® Awards:

Home to the Primetime and LA Area Emmys® –
Home to the Daytime and News and Documentary Emmys® –
Home to the International Emmys® with entry forms –

Interesting fact: Did you know that Trinkets (2019-2020), a Netflix show that features a lesbian storyline, was the winner of 2 Daytime Emmy® Awards? It is always great to see films and shows containing WLW content being recognised – this could be you! 

Lesflicks is always championing filmmakers and film fans in an effort to support the production of more great content and better representation of LBTQ+ women in film. We hope this article has been helpful to you, and we look forward to seeing awards going to more female filmmakers and to the content we all love to watch. Best of luck!

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