We’ve seen a trend on social… HULU’s proclamation of Happiest Season being a HULU original has sent ripples around the world because HULU is not available outside of the UK. There is some good news.

Happiest Season is a HULU Original because it is only available on HULU in the US. However it is a Sony Production and so has other distributors outside of the US!

It is important to watch Happiest Season legally. As an independent film, it was hard enough to make, and so ensuring we all pay to watch it is essential in making it easier to finance and make future lesbian films. You want more representation? Then try not to illegally download, stream or share this film. The industry looks at the views of pirated content and based on that believes there is no paying audience for lesbian film. The result is the next film is even harder to find and watch. We’re working hard to change this by offering a central lesbian platform and as we gain more subscribers we can use that audience size as evidence of a large paying audience. In turn we can get bigger films, we can help get more films made more quickly, and you’ll be able to find and watch them more easily!

Like what Lesflicks is doing? We’re run by volunteers. we love lesbian film. We love good representation. We want it to be easier to find quality content made for us as an audience. Part of that is proving that we are an audience, a paying audience, and that we are many. Find out how you can help get more lesbian films made, more quickly and with better budgets

So how do you know where to watch Happiest Season?

Right now it is about finding your local distributor. Sony is the main producer so they licensed out to their theatrical arm. With most theatres closed, the film is in some countries going straight out digitally as a rental.

Here is where we know you can access.

Found another distributor, or got a direct link to a platform – send it to us and we’ll update this list!

If you can’t find it in your country, you can use a VPN to appear in another country and then access their legal version. This is far better a choice than illegal piracy as your purchase counts, you won’t be risking loads of viruses and you’ll be supporting Clea DuVall, Kristen Stewart and the whole team behind the movie.

You can find out more about using a VPN here.



Why isn’t it on Netflix?

Netflix is a subscription platform, and new releases start in the cinema, then after a window (time when you can’t watch it anywhere) it goes to digital. There is a hierarchy to releases and TV channels, Rentals (TVOD) get content first before subscription (SVOD) platforms.

Netflix likes exclusivity so they will only take content that isn’t available anywhere else. Not every film goes to Netflix, in fact they don’t have many lesbian films so it isn’t a great place to find the representation you desire.

Why isn’t it on free Amazon Prime?

This is a brand new release so it is still in the premium release stage. At premium release films are available to rent or buy. The next release stage is DVD. Then TV. Not every films goes to subscription sites, it depends on the distributor’s preference for getting the film to an audience.

By the way – distributors get 50% of the rental fee from Amazon, but for free films they get £0.01/$0.01 – so actually Amazon Prime video free films is very bad for getting films made. You’re better off finding a more ethical platform and spending a bit of money to support the creators.

Why isn’t it online in some countries?

In countries where cinemas are open it will release theatrically, then there will be a window where it is unavailable (France: 36 months, UK: 17 weeks – each country is different), and then it will go to a rental platform. It isn’t likely to hit subscription platforms for quite a while.