After a wonderfully positive Trans Day of Visibility last month, we’re approaching one of the biggest dates in our calendar: Lesbian Day of Visibility on Sunday April 26. Read right on to discover more about where the day came from, why it’s so important and how to take part in the general festivities – and our own!

What is Lesbian Day of Visibility? When did it start?

The history for Lesbian Visibility Day is admittedly, and disappointingly, hazy at best. The day supposedly began in 2008, according to Wikipedia’s comprehensive list of LGBTQ+ days throughout the year, but there is little more information on it than that. In more recent years, however, Lesbian Visibility Day began to ramp up in popularity on social media channels, with lesbians around the world taking their phone cameras and snapping selfies, to show that we’re here, we’re queer and that we are all different people. But, of course, we still share that common beauty of what it means to be a lesbian in this day and age. In essence, the day gives us the chance to celebrate with each other the power we have as a group to further representation of our community, fight for our rights, and keep striving for justice for ourselves and our fellow members of the wider LGBTQ+ community.

Why is it so important? 

More recently, we have been pushing further and harder for our rights, whether it be to get married, to able to adopt children, or even just to exist without being persecuted around the world.

The new version of the lesbian flag, with the five stripes explaining its meaning.

The fight is different in every country, of course, with different laws and rules in place depending on where you are. The day gives us a chance to all celebrate together (showing the beauty of online communication) and to make ourselves heard – after all, it is a visibility day. So, we celebrate this day take it as a positive that it will be our day to shine ourselves, and also bolster all of our communities. For example, standing with the trans community, especially in the more recent times where oppressive laws and particular world leaders have pushed against their fight for equality.

What will happen on the day?

As we’ve mentioned, the usual way it’s celebrated is getting ourselves out there on social media. This year, of course, that’s more important than ever – we cannot go out and celebrate the day due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but there is nothing stopping us from blowing up the internet – and as lesbians, we are known for causing a good ruckus when it comes to representation – so we can definitely do that for this day as well. Post your selfies, post your stories, share with other lesbians your experiences of facing adversity and overcoming it. Let’s celebrate together what it means to be a lesbian, and what it means to have this community behind each and every one of us.

What is Lesflicks doing to celebrate?

This year, we got a whole lot of things going on to celebrate this special day in our calendar. Our flagship event will be held on the evening (UK time) itself, where we’ll be hosting a Big Lesbian Quiz Night! The theme will mostly centre about LGBTQ+ film, however don’t just wait for the expected – you never know what else can come up in a quiz! Lesflicks will be joined by Stonewall’s Lesbian Role Model of the Year Laila El Metoui as host of the quiz, which will be fully interactive and online on Zoom. You must register first to get in on the action at:

In addition, we want to do our part to add to the conversation around Lesbian Visibility Day. On the day, we’ll be starting the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook at @lesflicks, to get the nation’s, and world’s lesbians talking to each other, not only to celebrate our day but also to connect in these unusual and testing times. We especially want to connect with you all because last year, half of all lesbians we at Lesflicks spoke to had not even heard of the Lesbian Day of Visibility – and there’s not much point in a visibility day if those who we’re bolstering haven’t even heard of it! We’ll be pushing out the hashtags #LesbianDayOfVisiblity and #LDOV to promote conversations on Twitter and Facebook with all of you, and to get y’all talking to each other!

Finally, we have a survey called #WeAreAnAudience, asking our contributors who we are as a community and how we find the representation of ourselves on screen. We’ll be asking you on the day to fill out this survey, which will take you less than five minutes, to help us discover more about what you want from Lesflicks, so we can help boost the visibility of lesbians on screen and in general.

So what are y’all asking me to do again?!

In summary, we are humbling asking you to join in the fun in the days leading up to Lesbian Day of Visibility and on the day itself BY:

  1. Retweeting, retweeting, retweeting! Come on over to @lesflicks on Twitter and Facebook and join in our conversation – retweet us so we can reach as many lesbians as possible! In turn, you’ll be able to start interacting with more of your fellow lesbians on Twitter, and tag us so we can see the wonderful visibility that you’ve helped create for our community.
  2. Getting out some hashtags! In your conversations on the day, we ask that you tag us and include the hashtags #LDOV and #LesbianDayofVisibility. That way, we can spread the love to as many lesbians as possible. Who knows – we can even get us trending!
  3. On Instagram, we’ve currently got a wonderful little activity for you all to tinker around with in the form of the #LesflicksChallenge, asking which lesbian films you guys have watched and loved! Go to our Insta at @Lesflicks to find out more, and get the hashtag going!
  4. Getting your selfie on. Post your beautiful faces (only if you feel comfortable, obviously!) and tag us and the above hashtags, so we can see the wonderful different people in our fabulous community.
  5. Using our fab wee badges on Facebook! We at Lesflicks have taken the liberty of designing some Facebook profile frames so you can show your love for Lesbian Day of Visibility and Lesflicks! Simply click add frame when editing your profile picture, search for Lesflicks in the frame options and there will be a drop down list, with one of the options being our Lesbian Day of Visibility frame. Stick that on your Facebook profile picture for a week, and voila! If you fancy, you can even download the temporary profile picture and pop it on your Twitter account.
  6. Fill out the #WeAreAnAudience survey (we’ll be pushing out the link on our social media channels, but if in doubt, use the link above) and send it to five friends to fill out, asking them to do the same. That way, we can get as many people as possible telling us what they think of representation in the lesbian community when it comes to film.

We hope to see you all talking away on social media this week, and remember – join in the conversation with the hashtags #LesbianDayOfVisiblity #LDOV.

Looking after and supporting each other in these trying times is the best way to celebrate a joyous day in our calendar – so come talk with us and to each other.

From all of us on the Lesflicks team, we wish you a very happy Lesbian Day of Visibility!


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