Let’s face it, it feels like the whole world is in lockdown and we could all do with an escape from reality. This is the perfect time to explore everything we have to offer by treating yourself to a subscription or to consider gifting a subscription to a friend or loved one!

At Lesflicks we are passionate about providing easy and affordable access to lesbian and bisexual content for you to watch via legal methods. We are currently 100% volunteer-run and make every effort to ensure that as much of your subscription fees as possible are given to the filmmakers so that they are rewarded for their work. This in turn means that by subscribing you will be supporting the creators of this wonderful content and enable more women-loving-women content to be produced! – It’s a win-win!

According to recent ONS data during 2020, as much as 69% of the UK are bored. A subscription to Lesflicks offers both entertainment and also access to a social community online through our events.

We have 3 gifting options available for you to choose from.

Treat a friend

You can choose someone you know to be the recipient of your gift subscription. You can gift from one month to 12 months access.

Treat a stranger

You can make a charitable gift which could really help someone in the LGBTQ+ community who is feeling vulnerable or in need (arranged via key LGBTQ+ charities such as The Albert Kennedy Trust, The Trevor Project, Switchboard and Stonewall)

Reward Employees

If you run a corporate business and wish to gift 3, 6, or 12-month subscriptions to your employees, Lesflicks will match the number of subscriptions you take on and gift them to LGBTQ+ people in need. This is great for both CSR and diversity initiatives, plus it helps keep your staff entertained.

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Not only does Lesflicks bring entertainment and important LBQ representation to audiences but we’re also proud to host a number of online events that brings people together through a shared love of film and this has built a community of film lovers who are able to connect at a time when human connection is so sorely missed and desired by many.

Film and media has the power to delight and distract from the current climate as well as help marginalised groups feel represented and not alone. For people who are just discovering their sexuality, film can also offer an invaluable insight into the LGBTQ+ community, and play a huge part in understanding one’s own feelings and identity.

With so many countless benefits to gifting a subscription, it truly is a rewarding gift. Gifting a subscription can be done all-year round; whether it be for a birthday, as a Christmas present, a New Year’s gift, a thank you gift, a coming-out celebratory gift, etc. Any subscription at any time can help Lesflicks continue to bring joy and entertainment to the masses as well as to your gift recipient.

It’s the gift that keeps giving!

You can also help #AmplifyLesbianFilm by sharing what we do on social media or with your friends, as well as donate towards our running costs if you have the means to do so.

We thank you for considering us and for supporting our cause.

Sign up as a corporate member today

This might not be directly required for all your employees, but in addition to your LGBTQ+ employees, some of your other employees may have an LGBTQ+ child or other family member that they could use their subscription for.

It could be you just want to purchase a bank of subscriptions for vulnerable LGBTQ+ people, and that is ok too. When you sign up you just let us know the number of employee subscriptions you require and how many gifted subscriptions you are purchasing. However, every employee subscription comes with a gifted subscription as standard.


Example options and Costs

Partner Level Duration Cost for 2* subscriptions Cost for 10* subscriptions Cost for 50* subscriptions
Bronze Member 3 months £45 / $45 £225 / $225 £1,125 / $1,125
Silver Member 6 months £90 / $90 £450 / $450 £2,250 / $2,250
Gold Member 12 months £180 / $180 £900 / $900 £4,500 / $4,500

* the cost is for 2 subscriptions for your employees and also 2 subscriptions that will be donated to a less-fortunate LBTQ+ person via one of our partner charities.