Lesflicks showcases lesbian & bisexual films for entertainment and important representation. We’re proud to not only offer films to watch at home, but also a number of online events to bring our community of film lovers together online via zoom to share their love of film and connect with each other.

We recognise the prospect of poor mental health of all LGBTQ+ people this winter – particularly those working from home, on furlough, unemployed or, in the case of students, potentially isolating in accommodation away from family and friends.

LGBTQ+ communities are disproportionately affected by COVID19 as they’re less likely to have access to healthcare and secure accommodation. This has brought about a serious mental health crisis too – making an already vulnerable community even more marginalized.

Film and media has the power to allow escapism, to entertain, to distract from the current climate and to help feel represented and not alone. For people who are just discovering their sexuality, film can offer an insight into the community, understanding their feelings and helping to discover who they are and what they are feeling.

In response to the current pandemic, and with many countries heading into winter under the likelihood of ongoing, or secondary lockdowns, Lesflicks is launching a subscription gifting scheme for the LGBTQ+ community.

For corporate businesses, you can purchase subscriptions for your LGBTQ+ employees, and each subscription comes with a secondary subscription available to a vulnerable or isolated member of the LGBTQ+ community. Available for either 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, Lesflicks promise that, for every subscription you take up within your company through this scheme, one will be offered to a low-means LGBTQ+ person.

In addition, Lesflicks will be reaching out to key LGBTQ+ charities such as The Albert Kennedy Trust, The Trevor Project, Switchboard and Stonewall and asking them to tell their vulnerable people about this offer.

They’ll also be adding a section to the website promoting the companies that are supporting LGBTQ+ people at this time. Lesflicks believe this is a great, and affordable way to make a really big impact to the lives of LGBTQ+ people at a time when budgets and time to undertake CSR and charitable efforts is harder for organizations.

Three levels of membership

There are three levels of membership available. 

Bronze members provide 3 month subscriptions, Silver members provide 6 month subscriptions and Gold members provider 12 month subscriptions.

Information Pack

Work for a large organisation that has an LGBTQ+ or Diversity & Inclusion Network?

Think this would be of interest?

You can download our information PDF and send it to your relevant contact.

Download the UK subscription gifting scheme information pack here.

Download the US subscription gifting scheme information pack here.

Example options and Costs

Partner Level Duration Cost for 2 subscriptions Cost for 10 subscriptions Cost for 50 subscriptions
Bronze Member 3 months £45 / $45 £225 / $225 £1,125 / $1,125
Silver Member 6 months £90 / $90 £450 / $450 £2,250 / $2,250
Gold Member 12 months £180 / $180 £900 / $900 £4,500 / $4,500

Sign up as a corporate member today

This might not be directly required for all your employees, but in addition to your LGBTQ+ employees, some of your other employees may have an LGBTQ+ child or other family member that they could use their subscription for.

It could be you just want to purchase a bank of subscriptions for vulnerable LGBTQ+ people, and that is ok too. When you sign up you just let us know the number of employee subscriptions you require and how many gifted subscriptions you are purchasing. However, every employee subscription comes with a gifted subscription as standard.