We may have only launched the Lesflicks video on demand platform in September 2019, but we continue to bring a wealth of videos to the audience – ensuring that lesbian, bisexual and queer women not only know what films exist, but can also watch them from wherever they are in the world.

We’ve been working hard on diverse content that reflects the true diversity of our community. We’ve spent a number of months trying to seek out the less represented representations of the LGBTQ women’s community. We’re delighted that in June we are adding titles that cover race, religion and disability as well as a wide range of genres. We know there is still more to do – and we will continue to seek out a wide range of content.

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Will You Merry Me?

Short, comedy

A young woman must overcome a series of bizzare obstables in order to pop the question at the most wonderful time of year.

Release date: 7 June 2020

Hi Mrs Friedman!

Short, comedy, drama

Awkward hijinks ensue when a mother and daughter show up at a queer sex club on the same night. Mimi Friedman is a queer woman in her 50s, returning to queer sexual spaces after a hiatus due to a long-term relationship. She is meeting a new young lover there for some sexual fun. At the club she runs into her daughter who is extremely unhappy to see her mother and to find out that she and her mother share an overlapping sexual circle. Mimi has to overcome her guilt, embarrassment, worry and shame, in order to stay true to her own pleasure.

Release date: 14 June 2020

The Love Letter

Short, drama, romance

An unopened love letter addressed to Belle Tiocou dated 1945 ends up in the hands of a struggling young couple, Phoebe and Faith. Though it’s now 2018, and there’s the possibility that Belle is no longer alive, Faith makes it her mission to track Belle’s whereabouts, dead or alive, and in the meantime hopes the adventure will somehow make her and Phoebe re-connect once again. To Faith’s surprise Phoebe joins her on her mission to deliver the letter to its originally intended recipient, Belle, but also to reunite her with Hannah, the woman she loved decades earlier.

Release date: 17 June 2020

In Her Place

Short, drama

After the death of their mother, Laura (Miranda Colmans) is left frustrated and disillusioned with her sister Zoe’s (Tawny Fontana) selfish behaviour. With grief, a new baby and stress at work adding to Laura’s fragile mindset, tension between them is at an all-time high.
After their mother’s funeral a life changing incident occurs, and Katie (Ellouise Shakepeare-Hart), Laura’s wife, has to come to terms with a mysterious new reality.

Release date: 17 June 2020

The Postie

Short, comedy

Amy falls head over heels for the new Postie but finding out whether the attraction is mutual proves to be far more difficult then she first expected. So it’s up to her best friend Lilly to come to her rescue and help her find the solution.

Release date: 17 June 2020

Butch Pal for the Straight Gal

Short, comedy

In a world where societal pressures often force women to act, dress, and conform to unrealistic feminine stereotypes, five queer women, each with their own specialty, help straight women re-discover their true identity and offer tips on how they can overcome outdated gender roles. With areas of expertise including Fashion, Grooming, Cooking, Design, and Culture, straight women will learn everything from simplifying their morning routine to life skills traditionally attributed to men.

Release date: 21 June


Short, drama, poetic

While chaperoning a college theater party, two teachers struggle to find the courage to embrace their feelings for one another. A lyrical short film exploring the complexity of new love, based on a poem by Andrea Capere.

Release date: 24 June 2020

Practical Things

Short, drama

Two girls, first love, superglue and Robert Frost.

Release date: 24 June 2020

Keep On

music video, drama

Based on a song by Sheila Houlahan, but reworked and re-recorded to include her poetry, KEEP ON is a story about connection and belonging — not with others, but with ourselves.  What do you wish you tell your younger self?  How would you hold them, that person who seems both so far away and so close?  How would you convince them that they’re not defined by their pain?

Keep caring, keep feeling, keep fighting — #keepon

Release date: 24 June 2020


Documentary, biographical 

Filmmaker and Author B. Danielle Watkins chronicles being the only African-American filmmaker in the inaugural lesbian only… film festival Cinema Systers Film Festival in Paducah, Kentucky. While simultaneously staying at the historic Hotel Metropolitan that was built to house the likes of Louis Armstrong and Moms Mabley so that they could have a place of comfort in a racially motivated climate. Exploring the historic importance of the festival as well as the hotel B. Danielle Watkins finds herself emotionally torn between that of being celebrated and the history of being shunned.

Release date: 26 June 2020

Together Forever

Short, drama

A short about marriage equality, perfect timing, and creating romance in the everyday.

Release date: 28 June 2020

Brides to Be

Feature, drama

Robin & Jenna are getting married. Robin is excited beyond words; Jenna is plagued by panic attacks and struggles to write her vows. But when they arrive at their secluded fairy-tale venue sinister forces besiege them, threatening to tear them apart. Skillfully mixing genres, the film explores how doubt and fear can be imposed upon us and infect us from within, but only if we let it.

Release date: 28 June 2020

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