November new lesbian and bisexual film additions continue to bring you, the audience, diverse stories about lesbian, bisexual and queer women. This month sees a brand new feature from talented up and coming director Christie Conochalla. Forever Not Maybe is Christie’s first feature. You may well know her work as Lesflicks is already home to August in the City, HOME and Once Upon a Zipper – we are super excited for Forever No Maybe to be joining the Lesflicks family. We also see a number of short films including two from new production company, Donut Films – these stories are bound to be of interest as they feature more mature women, something craved but not seen often enough on screen. We can’t wait!

Find out about all of these films below.

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Dancing Alone

Short, Drama

Jennifer has become fixated on completing the Observer cryptic crossword. It’s not that she likes them. She hates them actually, but it’s her way of keeping close to her partner Tina, who died suddenly nine months ago. When Jennifer finally completes the grid, it’s a breakthrough moment, but to be in the running to win the prize she needs to post her entry, old-school, hardcopy, by the end of the day. Will it be the impetus she needs to find the courage to go out of the house and get back in touch with the outside world?

Release date:
Subscription: Friday 6 November 2020

Forever Not Maybe

Feature, Drama, Romance

Two career-obsessed women try to make a long-distance relationship work.

Release date: 
Rental: Thursday 12 November 2020
Subscription: Friday 20 November 2020

Take Me Back

Short, Drama, Thriller

When SOPHIE is mugged on the street, she asks old friend and hypnotherapist, ANN, to help her recall the identity of the person who stole her bag. But for Sophie, undergoing hypnosis isn’t just about getting back her belongings, it’s an opportunity to go back and re-examine her relationship with her long-term partner, VANESSA, which is falling apart. As Sophie goes deeper into a trance, the session gets out of control. The mugger starts rampaging through her memories with chilling consequences.

Release date: Friday 13 November 2020

Hannah Henri

Short, Comedy, Romance

Lola Segal is a neurotic metro-sexual butch and always has been. At six, she fell for the most beautiful first grade teacher ever, Ms. Sommer. But Ms. Sommer hooked up with the P.E. teacher, breaking Lola’s virgin heart. Right then and there, Lola vowed to never give her heart to a beautiful femme. Until she meets Hannah Henri.

Release date: Friday 20 November 2020


Short, Drama

We’ve all done it before. We felt uncomfortable in one place, and thought that running away would solve everything. But it didn’t. What is home? What is comfort? At which point will we take a risk, give it a real try, what will make us stay? And: Are we able to stay at all?

Release date: Friday 27 November 2020

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