LGBT History Month 2020

LGBT History Month is celebrated throughout the UK in February.

Up and down the country, libraries get involved and often put on screenings of LGBT films through their license with Filmbank Media/PPL PRS music license. However the films available on Filmbank Media are quite limited, and the license means you can’t promote the film.

We know short films are popular, and that there are only so many times you can show the same few feature films available through Filmbank so we set about programming a series of short films to offer an interesting and fresh alternative.

Because Lesflicks exists to increase the knowledge of, and access to lesbian and bisexual film we decided to try to make things better.

Lesflicks is curating a short film compilation specially for LGBT History Month. The 60-90 minute programme will be available for free for any library, film club, community group or university network to request to screen during February 2020.

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What is provided?

  • A download of the film compilation OR a physical DVD
  • A digital poster for printing and putting up on location
  • A social media image for (optional) promotion
  • A discussion sheet to help lead the conversation around the films and engage your audience
  • A fact sheet on the films included in the compilation
  • A feedback form to find out what your audience thought of the films and your event

If you would like to register to screen this programme, please complete the order form below.

Programme A

(12A equivalent)

By the Breast of a Girl


Something in the Closet


Programme B

(15 equivalent)


In Orbit

The Mind of Juliane

Crème Brulee the movie

Register your interest

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Please provide your UK address, website and details of your group so we can add you to our list of screenings taking place. Please also include invoice details for payment (if required).


We’re a library with a special PVS viewing license, can we show this film compilation?

Yes, we have spoken with the license provider PPL PRS who manage library licenses for content with music to ensure that libraries are covered under their existing licenses.

If the final compilation contains music licensed through PPL PRS there will be a £5.46 fee including VAT as a bolt on General Purposes Tarif. If the films don’t have PPL PRS registered music there will be no fee payable. Once we have chosen the programme we will have clarity around this.

For people wishing to screen this content who don’t have an existing PPL PRS license, you will need to obtain a General Purposes Tarif from PPL PRS.

Our social club/group/venue doesn’t normally screen films, do we need a license?

You will need to pay a small fee of £15 to license the content under a non-commercial single title license. You will not be able to charge a ticket fee for this license. All license fees are paid into the LesFlicks grants pot which will launch in 2020.

UPDATE: Both programme A and programme B do not have any licensed music 

The PPL PRS General Purposes Tarif

Video or cinema performances in a room or place which is part of the premises and used for other purposes but which is being specially used for the primary purpose of video or film shows and with seating arranged accordingly (whether or not a charge is made for admission) the charge per session:

for the first 100 persons capacity is ……………………….. £5.30 (£5.15)

per 25 persons capacity (or part thereof) thereafter ……………. £1.34 (£1.30)

About LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month is an annual month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements.

The theme for 2020 is Poetry, Prose and Plays.