LESFLICKS are overwhelmingly proud to announce that acclaimed director Nicole Conn’s newest feature film, More Beautiful for Having Been Broken, will officially be coming to Lesflicks Video on Demand on May 8th.

Not only will it be on the VOD platform globally, but Lesflicks will has also been named as the DVD distributor for the movie in the United Kingdom and Europe.

DVDs will be available from Lesflicks in the UK/Europe at £15.99, also on May 8th, but if the wait is just too long for you, the DVD is available to pre-order now from Wolfe Video on Amazon in the United States at $21.99 – pre-order HERE.

For our Australian friends, the line is that Bounty Films, helmed by veteran distributor Tony Romeo and based in Melbourne, Australia, will also be putting out the DVD for Australia and surrounding territories on May 8th.

We don’t know about you, but we are definitely way too excited!

Nicole’s latest movie centres on Freddie (the delightful Cale Ferrin), a young boy with Fanconi Anemia – a rare disease that comes with a short expiration date. McKenzie (Zoe Ventoura), a troubled FBI Agent, meets young Freddie, and his savant-like wisdom and perseverance penetrate McKenzie’s gruff walls of despair and pain. Freddie, however, comes with Samantha (Kayla Radomski), with whom McKenzie develops a “testy” rapport. 

Nicole’s previous films include Elena Undone and A Perfect Ending.

There will be two versions of the film available a TV version which opens up Nicole’s film to a broader audience. The first is perfectly suitable to show one’s parents, and will definitely be a hit with anyone who has an interest in representation of disability and families in film. Not only that, it’ll even please Downton Abbey fans – the one and only Lesley Nicol, who plays Mrs Patmore in the accalimed Julian Fellowes series stars in the movie too. Lesflicks will be releasing the Director’s Edition of the film – which offers the feature in its full glory, for LGBTQI+ people to fully enjoy.

Not only does More Beautiful for Having Been Broken include in its cast Zoe Ventoura of Home and Away fame, but Oscar-nominated juggernaut Bruce Davison joins the cast as Colin, and Gabrielle Christian of South of Nowhere (Spashley shippers, rise from your hidey holes) fame joins as Sasha. 

Read the official Lesflicks word by our reviewer Cat here.

Check out our database entry for More Beautiful for Having Been Broken here, which includes the brilliant trailer.


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