We may have only launched the Lesflicks video on demand platform in September 2019, but we continue to bring a wealth of videos to the audience – ensuring that lesbian, bisexual and queer women not only know what films exist, but can also watch them from wherever they are in the world.

We have some truly exciting content coming out this Feburary. From shorts, feature films and series, there will definetly be something for everyone to enjoy.

Watch them, and let us know what you think on social using the hashtag #LesflicksVOD

White Lie (2021)

Feature Film, Drama, Thriller 

Katie has a secret.

A university student who fakes a cancer diagnosis for the attention and financial gain struggles to maintain her secret.

Release date:
USA Only: 5th Feb 2021

Pretty (2017)

Short, Romance

The attraction felt between two woman is heightened more than ever when Sarah meets Helen. Reflection, soul deep beauty revealing the truth.

Release date:
Subscription & Rental: 11th Feb 2021

My Love (2021)

Short, Romance

 Their love was timeless.

It’s valentines day in the 1960’s, and Key and Rose recall when they first met and fell in love.

Release date: 13th Feb 2021

Dating In The Zombie Apocalypse

Series, Comedy

A reserved cartoonist quietly existing in the zombie Apocalypse with her dog, braves the elements everyday looking for Miss Right.

Maria, a reserved cartoonist quietly existing in the Zombie Apocalypse with her fat chihuahua Silvia, braves the elements everyday looking for survivors, supplies and possibly Miss Right. While walking her dog, Maria meets a rebellious roller derby girl named Rocket. Armed with an axe and her faithful dog Sugar, Rocket and Maria connect over life, art and what they miss from the world before.

Release date: 15th Feb 2021

Let Me Be The One (2018)

Short, Romance

Jenna has been in a romance slump. Ever since splitting with her ex she has retreated from the dating world. Her best friend Bea thinks it’s time for Jenna to get back out there, so she sets up a blind date for Jenna with the perfect woman.

Release date: 18th Feb 2021

See My Ghost Passing Away (2020)

Short, Drama, Sci-Fi

Between dreams and nightmares, Lilith sees the ghost of her lost love.

Release date: 19th Feb 2021

Everyday – The Series (2021)

Series, Drama

Maddie was raped in high school at a party, but no one believed her when she reported it, causing her to become a social outcast, and crushing her dreams. Ten years later, as she tries to rebuild her life, she takes a job as a tutor to a wealthy family where, she meets Laurel, the family’s nanny.  The two become instant and close friends… too close according to her long time friends, Paige and James. They worry Laurel may have alternative motives and try to protect Maddie. Maddie is forced to decide between who she trusts more, Laurel or Paige and James.

Release date: 26th Feb 2021