We may have only launched the Lesflicks video on demand platform in September 2019, but we continue to bring a wealth of videos to the audience – ensuring that lesbian, bisexual and queer women not only know what films exist, but can also watch them from wherever they are in the world.

We have some truly exciting content coming out this Feburary. From shorts, feature films and series, there will definetly be something for everyone to enjoy. 

Watch them, and let us know what you think on social using the hashtag #LesflicksVOD

Time & Again (2019)

Short, Drama, Comedy

Eleanor and Isabelle meet again, sixty years after their relationship break up. Will anger and bitterness doom any future relationship or will love win out in the end? Time & Again is a heart-wrenching and heart-lifting tale of two young women separated by society, being given an unexpected chance to make peace in the winter of their lives.

Release date:
Worldwide: 5th March 2021

Rain Beau’s End (2021)

Feature Film, Drama

When a progressive lesbian couple adopts a child with a genetic predisposition for violence, they must contend with their hard-lined stance on acceptance as they struggle to raise their family in the spotlight.

Release date:
Worldwide, Exclusive to Lesflicks: 8th March 2021

Pineapple (2020)

Short, Drama, Romance

An ambitious artist struggles to bury her envy when her idle girlfriend captivates the art world with an accidental masterpiece

Subscription Release date: 12th March 2021

When Abbie Met Emmy (2019)

Short, Comedy, Romance

When an offbeat young woman encounters her perfect match in a movie theatre, she must summon the courage to win her dream girl’s heart.

Release date: 11th March 2021

Death Nature (2021)

Music Video, Dance, Fantasy

Death Nature explores the struggle for power after a breakup.

Power structures make up society, and we all experience them in our day-to-day lives. But nothing hits home quite like love. Death Nature explores the struggle for power after a breakup.

Release date, Subscription Only: 15th Martch 2021

Danny Boy (2020)

Feature, Coming of Age

This coming of age comedy drama follows Danny who after making one bad decision finds herself in community service with a group of young LGBTQ offenders. Danny’s life is turned upside down once more when she falls for Lola and whilst Danny is trying to get her life back on track she has a battle on her hands with the homophobic abuse she receives in both her work and personal life

Release date: 19th March 2021

Tremors (2016)

Short, Drama, Romance

Seismologist Pradipta travels to a village for a field research, she experiences an unsuspecting tremor of the heart.

Release date: 26th March 2021