A Luv Tale

Drama,  1 hr 17 min

Forget your fears… follow your heart


successful social mobile lesbian women of colour, having fun and living their best life

A Luv Tale (2018) is a eight part mini TV series from Sidra Smith and picks up where the 1999 film, of the same name, left off and shows the life of four lesbian women of colour (Taylor, Candice, Aklia and Tammy). What sets A Luv Tale apart is that it does not follow the usual troupe of ‘the hardworking down trodden poor black American experience’ rather it shows the diversity of the black experience – successful social mobile lesbian women of colour, having fun and living their best life in Harlem. Visually, a Luv Tale is rich and sumptuous and the culturally and historical Harlem in which it is set also becomes one of the characters.

A Luv Tale is produced by Sidra Smith, directed by Kay Oyegun and written by Kay Oyegun, Sidra Smith, Raynelle Swilling and stars Vanessa Williams, Leon Robinson, Rotimi Akinosho, Sheria Irving, Amber Whittington, Tanairi Vasquez. In the first episode Taylor (Sheria Irving) and Candice (Vanessa Williams ) meet in a bar and the attraction is instant and palpible. Akila (Amber Whittington) lives with Taylor and has a steady flow of lovers and we later discover why this may be the case. Tammy maybe Taylor’s ex lover but is ever present in Taylor’s life and we question how much of an example is she? We soon realise that A Luv Tale is not a straightforward ‘girl meets girl and falls in love’ story. What it does is show the complexities of the everyday lives of four women and the friends and lovers who surround them, and A Luv Tale achieves this in a light hearted way. Whilst the main focus of the series is women loving women, the male characters also play an important role, but do not distract from the central storyline. Things are not quite what they seem in A Luv Tale and there are several story lines running through the mini series and these side stories, which are introduced skilfully throughout the mini series, give depth to the characters.

It was a pleasure to watch and you will laugh and be amazed and will definitely be left wanting more.

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