Comedic Webseries, 6 episodes

A girl dating girls in Amsterdam.


The thing most striking about Anne+ is the way the series handles each of Anne’s relationships healthily


Anne+ started out as a Dutch webseries, which follows the life of Anne (Hanna van Vliet), a young lesbian studying Dutch in Amsterdam. Its first series has six episodes, with each ten- minute segment focusing one of one Anne’s exes. Every one of Anne’s relationships is as unique and as interesting as the next, each girl offering her own individual experience, but Anne+ seems to tick every box in terms of representing every kind of lesbian stereotype, while also managing to avoid being obnoxious.

Anne’s love life makes for an incredibly relatable watch, and each romantic scenario successfully merges both tangible experiences and personal fantasies for the viewer. It’s clear that the makers of this series intending for any young person watching to be able identify with the characters onscreen, which is helped by the wonderfully diverse cast, alongside the specifically queer narrative. The thing most striking about Anne+ is the way the series handles each of Anne’s relationships healthily, with an emphasis on moving on and the ways we can learn from every relationship.

It explores all the different reasons why a relationship might not work out, and also why, even if something isn’t immediately wrong, that someone might just not be right for you. As well as this, Anne+ draws attention to finding self-love in the midst of adult, single life, and learning to be happy in oneself. However, in true “dyke camp” fashion, Anne+ still has all the awkward, clumsy nonsense exclusive to lesbian life. The second series of Anne+ is All 4 from 12th June, with the full boxset being available to stream exclusively on Walter Presents via All 4. This is definitely one to watch out for! We can’t wait to see what series 2 has in store.

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