Children Alike

Comedy, 5 min

Johannes introduces his new girlfriend Wilma to his sister Hanna. However, Wilma and Hanna are everything but strangers.


What happens when a brother and sister both like the same girl?

CHILDREN ALIKE is a short film from writer and director Julia Boström. It introduces us to an interesting concept; Johannes (Roos Lindberg) takes his girlfriend Wilma (Emilia Bostedt) back to meet his sister Hanna (Jonna Ljunggren) for a surprise celebration. They clearly already know each other.

We learn that they met before; and something happened. The brother doesn’t know or suspect anything – in fact he put down the awkwardness when she saw where she was going (so had probably been before!) as having smelt the food cooking!

The little glances, the interactions are beautiful and make you will them to be together. An opportunity to talk whilst the boyfriend is in the bathroom gives Hanna the chance to ask Wilma what she is going to do. Wilma jumps in for a kiss and you can see the sparks.

I love that Johannes doesn’t notice the fact his girlfriend is in stunned silence starring at the floor, or his sister is not responding to his sibling-jokes – very much showing how when people don’t know what they are looking for these little clues are often missed. This film has perfect timing in the closing scene with a shock announcement, popping a cork and the bell ringing all at the same time. A great ending.

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