Fear of Water

Drama, Romance, LGBT (1h 40m)

Log line: The Summer that changed everything


the decision to fall in love is out of our hands

This film follows Eleanor and Alexia; two very different teenage girls who meet each other in North London. They have very different lives, and initially know very little about each other. As their friendship grows, they both learn from each other and they leave a mark on each other.

What I like about this film is that it is truly beautiful. It tells a story of how at any time, someone entering our lives can have an impact – change our path or help us to grow, or to discover who we are.

This film is cleverly filmed, making use of a stunning surrounding and good lighting. It doesn’t have a lot of lesbian kissing and no sex, so if that is what you’re after this isn’t the film for you – but this is the kind of film you could show your family. It cleverly shows how attraction isn’t always a decision you consciously make and that it can often come from nowhere.

This film, the first for Director Kate Lane, is a beautiful tale that I would happily add to my DVD collection at home.

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