Drama/Romance/Sci-Fi, 1 hr 32 min

Log line: Love or Eternity – What would you choose?

4 star rating


A positive portrayal of powerful and diverse female characters. Definitely a must see.

An eye-catching, witty story written by Johnny Severin and directed by Catherine Lane Mersereau. This award-winning film centers on the AESOP company and that mysterious component that everyone is after — AESOP stands for Anti-Entropy Systematic Operational Program.  And while the characters are not 100% aware of what the company is doing, they assume that AESOP is experimenting with life extension. But they have accomplished more than just extending someone’s life, although not everything is perfect, and taking a pill does not mean people will in fact live forever — death is still on the table.

A movie script with a touch of logic, entertainment, and capability of embracing these futuristic ideas makes this flick a must watch. Romance is in the air, but what would have set it ablaze would be the chance to break open those characters even more, and let drama and passion take over for a moment. Marie (Nicole Coulon) is a sweet, remarkable young businesswoman walking this difficult journey that led her to Ruth. Somehow it is meant to be, and it’s understandable her zest for life. She has “skills” that are definitely unorthodox, but come in handy to get to Ruth.

Ruth (Erin Michelle Conroy) was beyond excited when she was hired by AESOP. Back in the days, it was the perfect cover, and it worked both ways. While the company relied on old-school methods to operate, Ruth didn’t need to deal with the trauma of being a closeted woman in the ’70s — no one cared, as employees cannot have a social life. As intense and sullen as it may sound, she started out on the right terms and did incredible work for over 40 years. But the solid and happy appearance gradually disappeared, and Ruth came to hate everything about her life. Until love knocked on her door.

Since the plot is promising, a sequel would be interesting. AESOP embraces diversity, and powerful female characters make up the dream squad. You don’t want to miss the lovely performances by Dani Fernandez (Alison), Trinity Breanne Perio (Pilar), and Sadie Brook (Stacy) — a diverse team that don’t always agree with each other, but are there for each other. Solid performance by Jenna Jimenez as Betty — Betty is a friend, but friendship can be strange in such a cold work environment.

This is as close as watching Orphan Black as you can get, specifically the final season. So if you liked Orphan Black, or you love sci-fi and lesbian movies, this is your calling. This romantic sci-fi is the perfect pick for a weekend night. During these uncertain times, you may not be able to gather all of your friends around, but you can enjoy it by yourself or in the company of family members, roommates, or even your adorable companion pets! Happy streaming!

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