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Log line: “COLEEN” is the story of a woman, Coleen, and her 3 daughters on the run up to The Irish Woman’s Liberation Movement in Ireland in the 1970’s.

4 star rating


This short film packs one hell of a punch…

Here is a short film that asks all the right questions. It is thought-provoking, harrowing, heart-warming, and cautiously optimistic all at the same time. Almost like a short documentary of the state of affairs for women in 1970s Ireland but beautifully captured, highly engaging, and with outstanding acting, this short film packs one hell of a punch. At times, it draws you in and softens your emotions, and other times it feels like a punch to the gut.

 In the 1970s, the Irish Women’s Liberation Movement was formed, which gave women a chance to meet, discuss, and address the many injustices that they were subject to at that time. Such examples were that marital rape was not a crime, divorce was illegal, and women could not keep their jobs for public service or banks if they got married. The system was rigged against them, and as the film points out, they lived in a distorted and strict religious society that would claim that to ‘undermine the importance of “Man” is to undermine the importance of God.’ Written and directed by Shannon Haly, Coleen tells the tales of women of that time through the eyes of Coleen and her 3 daughters. Each character have their own sorrows to share, sacrifices made, and yet inner strength with a yearning for change.

Granted, a society’s oppression of women, of women loving women, of women having independence or any standing of their own other than “in the kitchen”, are all heavy topics that may be tough to see but important to recognise. Representation of all these matters are necessary. and I thank Coleen’s creators and Lesflicks for showcasing this for us. When people and love are undermined because of gender, or being in the minority, or not conforming to the constraints of societal constructs, we should come together to highlight and eradicate such inequalities where possible. I commend Coleen for bringing these topics to us. This is a short film that is educational, emotional, and tastefully done. I look forward to seeing more from this young filmmaker. Watch Coleen now on Lesflicks VOD

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