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Lizzy has an obsession with a girl who sells novelty candles. Will she work up the courage to ask her out or will she just buy out the whole store?


Light-hearted and funny in the most adorably silly way, this is a short film I’d take to go anytime, anyplace.…

The film aptly begins with a dictionary definition of the noun “Crush”, which is: ‘a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive or extremely special.’ The premise is simple enough; our female protagonist Lizzy (Shabana Azeez), spots shop girl (Erin Paterson) and is immediately fixated not only by her smile but also by the very suggestive way she is holding two candles and flicking their wicks. Then begins a series of events that tests just how persistent Lizzy is willing to act (albeit act gay-panic-stricken) in response to her sudden crush. Light-hearted and funny in the most adorably silly way, this is a short film I’d take to go anytime, anyplace.

Written, Directed & Produced by Leela Varghese, Crush is a compact and well put together short comedic catastrophe. Perhaps as an audience we should have known from the film opening with baby hands and a creepy baby head for a candle that our female protagonist, Lizzy, is at the infantile stage of knowing what to do when having a crush. She could have done with lighting up the “brain” candle for example. Instead, she takes impulse buying and gay-panic to a whole new level and the audience are invited to laugh at her expense – $229.91 and then some. The film basically introduces a crush and then crushes our hopes and dreams; reinforcing the harsh reality where you need an actual good “match” to light up a candle or a relationship. I particularly revelled in/was appalled by the fact that Lizzy finally asked the all-important question whilst having burst into the shop with a helmet on. I suppose she was fully prepared to crash and burn, if you will. The way she knocked over the sushi dynamite candles in an act of defiance – because she definitely got the last laugh after that right? – was great symbolism of how she had blown through the whole situation and her credit card. Nevertheless, how naïve and relatable the characters and this story is no doubt makes it a joy and amusing to watch.

Perfectly combined with the song Sugar by The Coconut Kids, Crush is sweet, upbeat and entertaining throughout. This short film lit up my day and whilst it may not be the best advert for how to ask someone out, it certainly was an awesome advert for novelty candles, and for igniting that fire within to go for what you desire no matter what the consequences. Similar films on the Lesflicks Video-On-Demand Platform include: The Postie, When Abbie Met Emmy, and Let Me Be The One. If you enjoyed any of those films then you’ll enjoy this one or vice versa. It’s a match!


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