Dating in the Zombie Apocalypse

Comedy/Horror, 3 episodes of 3-5 mins

Log line: DATING BITES!!!


This truly fabulous little horror series has it all…

Dating in the Zombie Apocalypse (dir. Nicole De Meneses) is an apocalyptic zombie spoof series that is a beautifully dark nostalgic noir nod to all the great old style horror films with the added bonus of a lesbian love twist. Reserved cartoonist Maria (Natalia Dominguez) is surviving the zombie apocalypse as best she can with her faithful dog Silvia. She braves the elements daily in search of supplies, survivors and possibly Miss Right. 

The series starts off with a very funny, relatable scene in the first episode (No more batteries), where we are witness to our main lead’s frustration as her trusty magic wand runs out of batteries. After which her dog then begs to go out for a walk and a very frustrated Maria decides to brave the elements. While out in the wilds Maria meets axe wielding roller derby girl Rocket (Lara Jean Sullivan) and her samurai armoured dog Mr Honey (Sugar). A special mention has to be made here about the hilarious brilliance of the hat armour design by Camille Henson. The contrast of the sweet-meet-cute in the midst of the desolated zombie infested environment around them is hilarious and, well, cute.

This is lesbian dating in a zombie apocalypse so the story progresses rather fast, (3 short episodes in all), and Rocket goes home with Maria. Maria sketches Rocket as the two discuss life and what it used to be like before and what their future fates may hold. After Rocket drops a bombshell on Maria, the two have a romantic interlude, but the future plays out more quickly than they had both imagined in a genius bathroom scene reminiscent of Psycho.

This truly fabulous little horror series has it all, 8mm noir style footage, perfectly themed Night Of The Living Dead (1968) music, vaping zombies, vibrators, a roller derby girl, samurai chicken themed armoured dogs, ravenous child zombie twins all wrapped up with perfectly timed gruesome comedic moments. It’s a beautiful homage to the old black and white horror greats and best of all, what we have all been lacking, its comedic horror…lesbian style. So, draw your curtains, get your popcorn and a glass of blood-tinged dark red wine ready and prepare for an evening of noir lesbian horror delight.

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Alex has worked as a film stills photographer, written stories for a museum promotion campaign and has had her work featured on the cover of an Australian based lesbian magazine. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree, focusing on film, writing and photography from Perth's Edith Cowan University.

She is currently working on a documentary project centred on lesbian refugee women’s experiences, combining her love of documentary film, photography and her current role as an occupational therapist. All in all, she is passionate about film, especially lesbian-made and themed films.