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Short, Documentary, 3 min

A love that endured it all


“Amazed by our courage and love for each other”

Directed and Produced by Michèle Massé, this short film follows María, an LGBTQ+ activist and lesbian, as she writes a letter to the director of a senior residency who has refused her and her wife, Rosa, admission. María writes about her first encounter with Rosa and the difficulties they’ve faced as a lesbian couple in Spain and their migration for a better life. But despite their difficulties and worries, she stresses their love for one another made them stronger and admits that there is still work to be done for LGBTQ+ acceptance, not just in Spain, but around the world.

Even though it was only three minutes long, I thoroughly enjoyed this short film which provided me with valuable insight into a small piece of LGBTQ+ history. As someone who is fascinated by LGBTQ+ history, this short was able to take me into the lives of Maria and Rosa and their experiences as open lesbians in a place like Madrid. It was narrated in such a way that felt like Maria was personally narrating this story to me and I could feel every emotion she expressed in her letter. It makes you wonder what other great stories are out there waiting to be shared or heard. It’s particularly crucial that we hear from older LGBTQ+ people just like María and Rosa. In these three minutes, Massé also does an excellent job of highlighting the other aspects of María’s life, as we see how important it is to her to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community, as shown by the framed pictures of lesbians and lesbian couples adorning her room. It gives us a great look at her life and demonstrates how profoundly she is linked to her lesbian identity.

This film is essential viewing for anyone interested in lesbian stories and lives throughout history, especially those looking for more stories told in Spanish.


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