Forever Not Maybe

Drama/Romance, 1 hr 24 min

Log line: Love, Career… They wanted it all.

4 star rating

Two creative, talented people, chasing their dreams and each other—but is there time for both to coincide?

Forever Not Maybe is the debut feature film of acclaimed writer/director Christie Conochalla. It centers around two strong minded, ambitious women, who want desperately for their love to last forever and not just maybe. But each cannot decide whether the price of love is just too high as they struggle to decide whether their respective careers are more important than the love they share for each other.

Sasha Austin, played by the rapidly up and coming and intense Mandahla Rose, works in lighting production in LA, where it’s certainly a man’s world. However, she’s ambitious and has her eyes set firmly on climbing to the top. Elisabeth Anelare, played with equal intensity by Marie-Pier Gibeault, is a touring pianist, who’s talented and also very driven to be the best she can be in her field. Their meet cute has Sasha walking in on Elisabeth practising a piece she will play for a concert that evening. Sasha is clearly enamoured with Elisabeth and the music she is playing, the hauntingly beautiful piece by Debussy – Clair de Lune.

Things are intense between the two from first glance, and their love story takes flight within the first few minutes. Two creative, talented people, chasing their dreams and each other—but is there time for both to coincide? With both their feelings for each other and their respective desire for their careers being so strong, it seems maybe not, as they are increasingly separated by distance in the midst of following their dreams.

Conochalla is clever with her use of a sequence of successive shots to denote both the couple falling in love and time passing, as many trains and planes are seen coming and going carrying the separated love-struck pair from each other to their respective jobs. The age-old adage of long-distance relationships facing challenges seems to be true as we are witness to both Sasha and Elisabeth becoming more and more frustrated with the situation and each other. In the end, it’s a case of timing and the choice of love or your dreams, and which you’re willing to sacrifice to have the other.

There are references to the L word, mention of being super gay, and the gorgeously sorrowful piece by Debussy being played out as a central theme that seems to coincide with all the meaningful moments the two experience. When Elisabeth states, ‘It feels like I lost an arm’, when referring to the loss of her love, I think it’s a universal, deeply felt experience that many can relate to. Forever Not Maybe is a story about that intense, all-encompassing, love and the price we can sometimes pay for it. 

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