From A to Q

Drama, 19min

Log line: Figuring out you have feelings for your best friend is half the battle.


Effortlessly engaging and captivating to watch, this short film is destined to melt any heart… 

Sometimes learning about yourself can be the scariest thing in the world. Add to that, feeling emotions and an attraction that you’ve never felt before and then you may start to understand the inner turmoil and life-changing moments that make up coming into one’s own sexuality and then coming out to those nearest to you. From A to Q shows us this pivotal journey in a wonderfully heart-warming and creative way. Effortlessly engaging and captivating to watch, this short film is destined to melt any heart.

Hot off the success of writing, directing, and editing the Lesflicks Film Award-Winning short film “The Date” (which is available to watch on Lesflicks on Video on Demand), Emmalie El Fadli delivers yet again another sure-fire hit with “From A to Q”. This short film follows 2 young women, Alex (Sophie Rivers) and Kayla (Holly Ashman), who have been best friends for 15 years. Alex has back-to-back romantic dreams and “baby-gay” panic moments along her path of self-discovery. Kayla notices Alex’s unusual behaviour and both end up confronting each other in a beautifully honest and grounded moment of self-realisation.

Fans of Emmalie’s past work will be happy to know that From A to Q continues in the same fashion as her previous successes; incorporating witty dialogue with an authentic and charming romantic story. I believe the music throughout this film was incredibly well placed and fitting with each pulse of the storyline. The lighting, costume design and acting also brought the story to life and captures the audience’s focus even while Alex’s was out of control. The pleasantly surprising dance sequence in the school gym (- as you do!) was a joy to behold and is everything I wanted to see from the Netflix film The Prom, which for me fell short of delivering on that promise.

In short, this short film offers everything ‘the queerest generation ever’ could want, from best friends who come ‘bearing pads and chocolate’ to cheer you up (- who doesn’t want that?), to sweet and gently comedic “gay-panic” moments. Let’s face it, all the lip-biting, awkward glances, rush-of-blood-to-the-head feeling upon the slightest skin contact, is all so relatable and entertaining to watch. However, perhaps the most important achievement of this film is that it does itself and the audience the justice of ending with the positive message that ‘you’re going to be okay’, which is essential because not all coming-out stories need to be dramatic, traumatic, or unwelcome. In a pure 19 minutes of quality film, From A to Q manages to tell a brief but fantastic queer coming-of-age tale of embracing yourself and having the courage to acknowledge the truth behind your emotions. I also very much appreciate that the film celebrates the value of true friendship and that whilst romantic love is amazing, friendship can be equally precious and worth safe-keeping.

Be sure to catch From A to Q at a film festival such as BFI Flare 2021 when you can. The film festival edition features the Taylor Swift song “Lover” which will be exclusive to film festival showings only!

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