Girl Knight

Comedy/Drama/Romance, 12 min

Log line: Isabel, a redheaded knight, falls for goth girl Delilah when they meet in detention at school.

one of the sweetest lesbian teen stories I have ever seen

The story opens when a redheaded girl named Isabel, who is wearing an armored helmet and carrying a sword (Yes, a sword!), is sent to the school detention. In detention, she finds a Goth girl named Delilah who is seeking conversation and is only friendly with her. The lead characters are beautifully portrayed by Darla Lewis (Delilah) and Pilar Petropolous-White (Isabel) in a story whose own originality turns the table and delivers this non-fantasy plot—but that moves over the impression of a fairy tale, in which the beautiful girl is saved by a courageous knight, a girl knight. But what is Delilah being saved from? In this case, there is no evil stepmother, evil godmother, or phony mother figure to fear, but rather Delilah’s own mother (Ellen Dubin) whose fears and frustrations have kept Delilah trapped in her own bedroom for years.

Aside from all the knights and fairy tales that may come to mind, Girl Knight is a must-watch. If you enjoyed the teen drama South of Nowhere (2005-2008), then I bet you’ll want to give this one a shot. Even though this is a short film and there is no magic involving fairy godmothers, the real magic here is that true love overcomes obstacles, and that’s what fairy tales ultimately teach us all about. Let’s just say that Elsa from Disney’s Frozen is actually a lesbian (counting all the rumors going around about her sexual orientation). Now reimagine some magical event like that and bring that excitement to the sapphic audience who grew up watching what the industry offered back then — It’s like a dream come true. Girl Knight is a boost for more diverse teen stories that I personally can’t wait to happen, wishing that the younger generation would find all the queer content so many of us struggled to find — like finding a needle in a haystack.

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