Hello, Goodbye

Romance, 4 min

Log line: An entire relationship in its first and last moments.


It is short but sweet, sweet but bittersweet, and bittersweet but a joy to watch.…

“‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” is an infamous quote from Alfred Lord Tennyson. This short film begs the question of whether you agree with that quote or not. “Hello, Goodbye” brings to light the beauty, the wonder, and the “turning-your-world-upside-down” sensations of falling in love, being loved, and having it all fall apart. If you enjoy bearing witness to the tumultuous journey of a romantic relationship from start to finish in all its hopeful and reminiscent glory, then this film is for you.

Written by Adrianna DiLonardo & Sarah Rotella, and produced and directed by Sarah Rotella, this formidable creative duo achieved somewhat of a masterpiece with this short film. “Hello, Goodbye” (also known as “Our First Time”) is a great example of when a captivating story is brought to life with incredible cinematography (courtesy of Sonja Tsypin and Thomas Hubbel), perfectly suited music (by Keelin O’hara) as well as superb acting and chemistry from the lead actresses (Nadia Mohebban & Ali Starr Goebel).

I must admit that I am not always a fan of films that have no spoken word or narrative but when it is done right there is no denying that it is a delight to watch unfold; words or no words. Like how music without lyrics can be just as, if not more, impactful and moving than a song with verse. The music in Hello, Goodbye effortlessly guides us through the story without pause or holding back. It takes the audience on an emotional journey with the lovestruck couple and achieves in making the story believable, relatable, and touching. I commend all the creators for packing so much into a 4min short film. It is short but sweet, sweet but bittersweet, and bittersweet but a joy to watch.

Another beautiful yet tragic short film that is of a similar vein to “Hello, Goodbye” is “I Still Love You” that is available to watch on the Lesflicks Video-On-Demand platform. Both films put your feelings through the wringer from heart fluttering to heartache; marvellous in their musical and visual presentations but bittersweet in their outcome.
You can find out more about Hello, Goodbye from our Film Database listing and watch I Still Love You on Lesfliks VOD today!

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