Hi Mrs. Friedman!

Comedy, Drama (7 min 38 sec)

Synopsis: Awkward hijinks ensue when a mother and daughter show up at a queer sex club on the same night. Mimi Friedman is a queer woman in her 50s, returning to queer sexual spaces after a hiatus due to a long-term relationship. She is meeting a new young lover there for some sexual fun. At the club she runs into her daughter who is extremely unhappy to see her mother and to find out that she and her mother share an overlapping sexual circle. Mimi has to overcome her guilt, embarrassment, worry and shame, in order to stay true to her own pleasure.

A remarkable lesbian comedy short!

Hi Mrs Friedman is a quirky comedy short film about what happens when a mother and daughter turn up to the same queer sex cub on the same night. It goes without saying that this is definitely one of the most awkward situations imaginable for any lesbian, but director Rachel Epstein manages to perfectly play on this awkwardness to make Hi Mrs Friedman a charming comedy. Although, there’s something special about the way this film uses its witty dialogue with characters that seem to genuinely care for each other. While seeing your own mother, or indeed your daughter, in a sex club may be absolutely mortifying, the final shot of all the characters being driven home by Mrs Friedman reaffirms the amount of love in these scenes. 

However, much of the beauty of Hi Mrs Friedman lies in its representation. Not only is it a look into the LGBT+ sex club scene, but it highlights a variety of genders and races alongside its depiction of multi-generational queerness. It is rare that a film encapsulates many different kinds of queerness in this way, making Hi Mrs Friedman wonderfully unique and refreshing. As well, the film manages to be sexy, exploring female sexuality without fetishizing the female bodies onscreen. Hi Mrs Friedman is the perfect mix of sex, comedy, awkwardness, and community, which makes this film a truly delightful watch that you should not let yourself miss out on miss out on! The one downside is that it’s only eight minutes long.

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