How ‘Bout a Cuppa Tea

Drama, 23 min

Log line: On lockdown in a pandemic, Mary Beth receives a package reminding her of the tryst that changed her.


Inspiring, perfect for these current times we exist in

A delightful dramatic story written and directed by Jan Miller Corran. Mary Beth Higgins (Constance Brenneman) is the lead character who charmingly breaks the fourth wall to inspire us all to live our lives to the fullest, but when she and her son Kevin (Hank Matusek) get trapped in their own home because of the announcement of the pandemic, she finds herself recounting the craziest but brightest moments of her life thanks to a package sent from an old “friend.” How ’Bout a Cuppa Tea is the bitter, true reality of today’s current world climate. I find it very interesting how this woman starts analyzing how the Earth seems to heal without the much intervention of human activity. It is these kinds of little details that catch my attention considering how accurate they are to reality.

 The first episode is beautifully shot and leaves you wanting to see more, especially wanting to see more about the friendly delivery person, Wanda (Cathy DeBuono), whose short appearance does no justice to the friendly personality (taking into consideration how nice it was to find a friendly face from Snapshots). But then again, there’s even more to see about Mary Beth and Barbara. It’ll be exciting seeing them on new fresh adventures and feeling alive again. Hopefully, there is more to come from this production. How ’Bout a Cuppa Tea is the strong commencement to a fascinating story waiting to unfold. So pick a day of your choice, sit back, relax, and enjoy this beautiful piece of art that I highly recommend. If you enjoyed the aforementioned Snapshots (2018), then watch How ’Bout a Cuppa Tea, because it is all about choices no matter what time period we’re in. And feel empathy as we now know what it feels like to live in times of a pandemic due to COVID-19. In less than 30 minutes, this piece inspires you not to let the current situation completely beat you down, but to emerge victorious as a person. It is a must see. Enjoy!


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