In Her Place

Drama, 16 min

Synopsis: After the death of their mother, Laura is left frustrated and disillusioned with her sister’s behaviour. When a life changing incident occurs, Laura’s wife, Katie, has to come to terms with a mysterious new reality.

 A beautifully shot short which leads you by the fingertipswanting more is more fun than being content when it comes to film.

A beautifully shot short which leads you by the fingertips


In Her Place is a beautifully shot short which leads you by the fingertips… Ok it is beautifully shot but doesn’t lead you by those tender, or not so as may be the case, fingertips of yours. You are thrust into the middle of an outwardly functional, yet inwardly dysfunctional family unit which may well reflect the sisterly frustration of some or perhaps many. Dealing with the death of their mother brings two sisters together and consequently leads to the inevitable confrontation – the creative one versus the settled one.

The movie is set in beautiful surroundings and takes you on a short journey where the main characters feel like they quickly become support characters for the true leading lady of the moment, the wife. I do hope to see her in another movie as I was a little transfixed by her dealing with the developing cyclone around her; that being her wife and sister in law. The movie then takes a twist which made me draw my neck in a bit. I actually decided to watch it a second time as I wanted to work that bit out and I did, but it didn’t work for me and I didn’t believe it. That said, it may well work for others. That is the beauty of film; what is ok for one is amazing for another. Before barely forming an opinion on this twist, it was drawing to a conclusion. I simply didn’t get it as it had no time to develop yet I’m confident it would have, had it been in a full-length film. Perhaps if it was more of a teaser and left us on a cliff edge wondering what would happen opposed to watching a glowing sunset of an ending, it would have got its hooks into me. I have grown accustomed to being left on that edge at the end of a short so perhaps; ok not perhaps, it is certainly something I like to feel at the end of a short yet others may disagree. I just think sometimes wanting more is more fun than being content when it comes to film.

The twist aside, it’s definitely worth 15 minutes of your life and my favourite scene remains the opening scene; simple yet luscious in its silent story telling of the loss of someone who has passed and someone who is alive.

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