Romance/Drama, 6 min

Synopsis: Imogen, a young bisexual girl, deals with the difficulties of sexuality and unrequited love.

Here’s hoping people in similar situations as Imogen see stories such as these and feel seen…

As a short film, Jane ticks all the key boxes for me. Here you have a central message with characters and emotions that I think many of us can relate to.

Written and directed by Dia Taylor, Jane is a story of the struggles in coming to terms with your sexuality, of feeling love for a best friend, of the fear of losing the connection you already have, and of unrequited love.

Clearly this was a low budget film, as is the case for many LGBTQ+ projects which more often than not do not have the luxury of big-budget funding (something Lesflicks feels strongly about improving by supporting the artists as much as possible). Despite this, what I love about Jane is that it gives representation to a POC character, shares with us the vulnerability of these inner struggles that I’m sure many in the community can admit to feeling at some point in life, and then helps us process them by the end of the film.

Whilst the execution could be a little more refined, I appreciate the efforts made, the messages told, and the content created. Here’s hoping people in similar situations as Imogen see stories such as these and feel seen—so that they too may continue on their journeys in life with the comfort of knowing that they are not alone, and that love is complicated, but it is worth feeling and sharing with others.


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