Laynie Needs a Light

Horror/Thriller, 9 min 46 sec

Log line:  A woman pops into a local speakeasy for a drink only to become the object of a stranger’s obsession.


A fantastic lesbian thriller like you have never seen before.

A clever, witty story written by Jill Harrigan and Charlotte Warren and directed by Jill Harrigan. The moving picture is brilliantly shot under the magnificent night sky of Portland, Maine. The speakeasy can resonate with any of the cool, positive lesbian hotspots you have been to — full of happy people, because it is. But Laynie (Ella Mock) seems down. The moment Liz (LaLa Drew) opens the door and walks over to the counter, Laynie immediately becomes obsessed — seeking conversation, buying Liz’s drink, and tossing terrifying looks to the point of following Liz down the street. A nightmare has begun.

There comes a point where you may wonder why Liz didn’t phone the police. Does it have something to do with being afraid of the police? Dahmer (2002), the true crime horror film about the notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, popped into my mind — Two young black women come across a young man who is wandering the street looking disturbed and very ill, but then Dahmer appears out of nowhere claiming he is a friend, when a police car approaches, the two women try to explain the situation, but sadly, the police are more inclined to the explanation given by Dahmer and rudely sends the two women away. According to Dahmer, it was entirely the result of a night of heavy alcohol. If you know the story of the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, then you know that young man ended up dead. The plot of Laynie Needs a Light is twisted and everything is understood reaching the end of the story. So don’t lose hope and cheer for Liz out loud, because matters are just getting real.

Laynie Needs a Light is a fiction worth watching on Halloween or any other day of the twelve months. From the second one to the very last one, it’s a thrilling watch. The psycho personality is perfectly portrayed by Ella Mock — they may not be your favorite Joker from the Batman movies, but they are terrifying. LaLa Drew shines as Liz — You may understand what it feels like to long for a quiet night with a quiet drink after a tiring day at work, only to see all that yearning hindered by other people. A production that welcomes non-binary actors makes the movie even more applaudable. I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you enjoy suspense and lesbian films, then pick a day of your choice, sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonder that is Laynie Needs a Light.


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