Lez Bomb

Comedy. Drama, 1 hr 30 min

This holiday, she’s dropping some big news.


Lez Bomb is a raucous comedy; the kind where you think things couldn’t get any worse but then they do…

It is very difficult not to compare this film to Happiest Season as both stories involve a woman taking her girlfriend home to meet the family for the first time during a Holiday Season, whilst said woman struggles to come out to them. Lez Bomb was released in 2018 in the USA but most of the jokes, dilemmas and family drama is still very much relatable to date. Unlike Happiest Season I would say that this film is not as triggering in its delivery, and although it has a less well-known cast, it is just as entertaining in its own right and leans more on comedy than dramatic effect or the pulling of heart-strings.

In her first feature film as writer and director, Jenna Laurenzo stars as Lauren who is taking her 6-month-long girlfriend, Hailey (Caitlin Mehner) to meet her family over Thanksgiving dinner. Lez Bomb is a raucous comedy; the kind where you think things couldn’t get any worse but then they do. Whilst our main couple are undoubtedly the focus of the film, there are many characters from scary grandparents, pot-smoking/dealing uncles, oblivious parents, to an intrusive best friend to deal with. There is a lot to take in; so much so that even dropping the “lez bomb” i.e. coming out is not even high on the agenda and Lauren cannot seem to come out when/if she wants to. Chaotic as it may be, Lez Bomb is a fun watch and I can see why Jenna was both nominated and won multiple awards for this debut feature – well done!

To borrow one of the well-placed lines in the film, Lez Bomb was indeed ‘not terrible, not great…but fair’. All the characters had purpose and were likeable in their own unique way but if seeing the protagonist constantly being interrupted and having family drama thrown at them from all sides would be stressful for you then maybe you need to have a stiff drink before watching this. Lez Bomb is mostly light-hearted comedy – the type where the audience is invited to laugh at another’s misfortune. It is also accompanied by some touching moments between mother and daughter, believable chemistry between the 2 lead women, and then the grand gesture that we all hope for in a happy ending.

If watching a good deal of angst and one of the most comedically painstaking attempts to come out that you’ll ever see onscreen sounds entertaining to you, then this film’s for you!
Similar comedies on Lesflicks Video-on-Demand include: Kittens in a Cage and Once Upon a Zipper. For once, I give you permission to laugh at someone else’s expense. Enjoy!


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