Light in Dark Places

Drama/Romance, 11 min

Log line: Three women, two relationships, one secret.

 a mini rollercoaster of emotions…


A substantial story in a short amount of time, Light in Dark Places takes some processing. We all know that LGBTQ+ storylines can often be hard-hitting, and this is no exception. Peel back the layers of beautiful cinematography and you get a story at the core of it all that is worth its weight in being told.

Light in Dark Places tells the story of a loving relationship between two women, Joss and Rhine, that is hidden from Rhine’s family. However, we see Rhine’s mother happen upon the truth behind her daughter’s love life in the most tragic of circumstances. At the same time, Joss suffers loss all over again, yet ultimately, she obtains closure as the two women come to a common realisation, if albeit all too late. The film was written and directed by Lagueria Davis, and it won Best Short Film at the 2019 ClexaCon Film Festival.

I believe this story would have been better served as a longer-running film with fewer or more defined interchanges between the past and the present. It took me a couple of watches to truly understand the proceedings. However, I realize that a big challenge to lesbian film is often the funding, which is why it’s important to prove the audience exists for these films, so that bigger budgets can be created to make these short stories into longer form.

The romance shown was sweet and beautifully shot, the grief was palpable, and the acceptance by the end of it all was satisfying. Like a mini rollercoaster of emotions, this short film is a bit of a whirlwind, but one that is original and thought-provoking.

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