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sweet and fun without much angst or action…

LoverGirl is an amusing short film directed by Shawna Khorasani and produced by Destiny Evans, telling the story of awkward but lovable Dakota as she struggles with asking out her crush who just so happens to be her best friend. This 15-minute film introduces the main character Dakota as a recently out lesbian who although has come to terms with her sexuality, struggles with expressing her romantic feelings. Her best friend Danny has always been there for her, but Dakota wants more than just being friends. One of the issues for her is that she assumes Danny is straight, but is she actually? Along the way, she finds that maybe things are not what she first thought.

This short film was a delight to watch; it’s definitely on the lighter and more comical side, and it’s one to be appreciated for what it is rather than analyzed. This film portrays lesbians and bisexuals in a positive and safe light, without sexualizing them and instead focusing on them coming to terms with their sexuality and identity. The fact that one of the characters, Cameron, was an Asian lesbian also added to the film’s uniqueness; it’s uncommon to see people of color in independent or big-budget lesbian films, so it was a particularly significant feature! I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and it is certainly one I would recommend to anyone who’s looking for something sweet and fun without much angst or action.

One wonderful thing about this project is just how many LGBTQ+ people were involved in the making of it. From both the producers and the cast, the fact that it is so well done certainly comes from the fact that it had people within the :GBTQ+ community working on it. Shawna Khorasani previously wrote and directed “The Adventures of Serena Berg,” a full-length LGBTQ+ literary web series, a passion she has continued to pursue for future projects in which she tells stories about queer people’s lives. Destiny Evans, a black queer producer, and director who prioritizes telling QTPOC stories, also worked in the making of this incredible short film. Within the cast, all three main actors from the short film are out and proud as LGBTQ+, with notable work from Heather Muriel Nguyen (who plays Cameron) as she focuses on creating films about the experiences of LGBTQ+ people of color.

If you have enjoyed other romantic comedies such as Girl Knight or The Postie (also available on Lesflicks Video-On-Demand), then LoverGirl may also tickle your fancy!

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Daf is a U.S. based Mexican writer whose main focus is on bringing forward stories and content about trans and non-binary lesbians of color. They enjoy watching any kind of LGBTQ+ media but specifically enjoy lesbian/sapphic films which is why they knew joining Lesflicks would be the right fit for them.