Lydia (2015)

drama, 9 min 36 

4 star rating
When Lydia receives a letter with life changing news, she turns to Annie
Lydia (Chantal Baroin) is a sex worker who uses the same area on a city street as the younger Annie (Chloe Brossault) uses to go to work. There is a strong connection and attraction between them, and they become great friends. They have a deep love for each other, but it remains platonic. Each has their own ‘man issues’ to deal with, and they don’t want to burden each other. When Lydia receives a letter with life changing news, she turns to Annie for support.


Directed by Alice Favreau, Lydia is a film whose first and last minutes are devoted to feelings of loss, both in physical and in the denial and suppression of feelings, characterized by a raw chill in nature and In one notable scene, Chloe standing outside, facing the home she had shared with Lydia. The director made good use of the limited sets, including cars, clouds moving and simple acts such as making tea. One wonders what she could have done with a larger budget. The music (plucked dulcimer and ocean sounds) was plaintive and sorrowful, which matched the themes of the film (love and sacrifice). You really wanted much more, which is an indicator of a nicely done short film.

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