Action, Animation, Drama, 3 min 35 sec

Log line: Love hurts.


Mascara is manic, dynamic, refreshing, playful, and fun. 

Mascara, Yaz Reynolds’ short animation film, from 2020, is as entertaining as it gets, while actually showing one of the most common, mundane disappointments. Falling out of love. A relationship going not even bad, or wrong, or whatever, but stale. Lost in continuous bickering and happy ever afters cut short. We all know there’s no actual happy ever after outside rom-coms and fairytales, but I’ve never seen it played as a physical, colourful, explosive wrestling confrontation before. This parallel is both unexpected and perfectly fitted. Funny and painful.

In a style that reminds a bit of Tex Avery’s animation, using a clear colour code: pink and blue, like the aisles in a toy shop, this short film re-enacts a romantic fight as a wrestling match. The opponents are on the verge, a coaster or better said the lack of it under a mug triggers a chain of reactions, colour splashes, reproaches, punches and kicks. While the real fight acts itself out in reproachful glares, muttering half words, crossed arms, with a Live Love Laugh ironic pillow in the background, the wrestling fight unravels. The characters change their shape with every kick, they leak colours onto each other, they change their shades, they’re elastic like play-doh. It all culminates with one “I hate you!” declaration. The exact opposite of the quote on the pillow, of the happy ever after. It’s tragic actually, when you think of it, that people who once said forever, throw “I hate you”s at each other because of a coaster or a sleazy text from a random co-worker who inflates his ego enough as to insist in the pursue of women that are not only in a relationship but also completely not interested in men.

Mascara is manic, dynamic, refreshing, playful, and fun. It puts a subject that can be easily overdone, that usually takes an overdramatic turn, ending up in some sort of hybrid between tragedy and triviality, in a bit of a more vibrant light. I simply loved it!

Live. Love. Laugh. What a joke! 

You can watch Mascara now on Lesflicks VOD and if you’re an animation fan Little Elephant (2015) might be worth a watch as well.

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