Once Upon a Zipper

Comedy, 26 min

Rachel can’t stop herself from falling in love with Paulie, the woman who helps her try on wedding gowns.

 An entertaining and eye-catching lesbian film

Once Upon a Zipper, starring Kate Gorney & Jillian Leigh caught my attention with an interesting synopsis, attractive cover, and intriguing title. In a few words, the title wraps the entire story in an exquisite and fun way — it’s perfect.

The Rachel Bennett story (played by Kate Gorney) is a favorable representation of generations and generations of women who are or were caught between a rock and a hard place, many of them with the non-existent option to choose for themselves. Perhaps this is the reason why Rachel finds herself identifyingied with a character from the 2008 novel “I Can’t Think Straight” — an award-winning film written by Shamim Sariff. A smart move by Christie Conochalla because it’s not just about finding a reference that everyone loves, but finding the one that best relates to the main character.

 Despite being a short film and having an extended cut available, Rachel’s difficult journey could have been expanded to address her past a little further by making more use of drama rather than comedy. It can then be considered a simple plot with modest performances that comically achieve their goal.

If you love comedy and romance and enjoyed stories like Imagine Me & You (2005), a movie about a newly married bride who begins to question her sexual orientation after meeting the lovely flower arranger on her wedding day; or the aforementioned I Can’t Think Straight, then Once Upon a Zipper is a must-watch short film you would not want to leave behind. A film directed by Christie Conochalla, also known for directing the award-winning lesbian drama August in the City

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