Out In Love

Webseries, Comedy, Romance

Log line: Being married and coming out isn’t easy.


Palpable chemistry from beginning to end.

Out in Love opens on Karina and Jaz at a dive bar watching some questionable performance art. Karina is toasting Jaz’s first attempt at standup comedy over some expensive shots. Their playful banter and casual flirting are interrupted by Jaz’s annoying younger friend Lexi. Karina, feeling like a third wheel, leaves the bar. Jaz runs after her and nurses Karina’s hurt feelings of jealousy. Jaz confesses to Karina that she likes her more than Lexi. After a persuasive promise to dance the original Macarena, Jaz lures Karina back into the bar for a night of drinking. The two wake up spooning in Jaz’s bed the following morning, and Karina’s actions lead to a life changing revelation for her and her husband.

Out in Love is written, directed, and produced by Kristina Pupo. It’s the pilot episode for a larger web series. Just looking at it as a short film, it is beautifully shot. The two leads, Kristina Pupo as Karina and Elizabeth Manning as Jaz, have great chemistry and each give charming performances. Out in Love sets up a larger and more complex narrative about coming out in a marriage. I look forward to seeing more of Kristina Pupo’s work in the future.

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Nicole DM

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