Romance, 12 min 44 sec

Log line: A short film about a sweet seduction.


a feel-good warmth buzzing through your being…


The film Pastry literally symbolises the saying ‘short but sweet’. It is a roughly 13-minute-long masterpiece that tries to encompass a lot of different themes and real-life issues into it. If there is one word to summarise the short film, it is ‘ambitious’. It is packed with content that induces resonance, and as one sees the film, one wonders whether you can relate to the protagonist in the film right now or at one point of your life.


 It is the story of a creative and talented baker who feels over-imaginative at times because she sees cakes as metaphors for different personalities. For instance, if I was a cake, I would be a sweet and salty carrot cake who is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that was something that I thought was intuitive. The short film shows intuitiveness on the baker’s part and how she adapts to different situations backed by her passion for baking and anything sugary.


The short film highlights the tale of honeyed seduction – a relationship between the baker and an overweight businesswoman with a massive sweet tooth, and how they strike up this friendship and mutual understanding due to what each desire and likes best. It also boasts about a topic that a lot of us can relate to: feeling self-conscious about our bodies & the struggle to truly accept ourselves for who we are, regardless of our weight, height, complexion, and features etc.


Watching Pastry made me realise that you should be comfortable in your skin, regardless of your weight, and if you love yourself, people will love you. Firstly, and foremost, you should love and care about yourself.


Alison Rayner did a fabulous job writing this film and the director Eduardo Barreto brought it to life for views to savour and enjoy. It was a delight to watch the film and the ending was positively splendid. The film, despite being short in length, gives you a lot to take away thoughts wise. Despite a feel-good warmth buzzing through your being (why wouldn’t there be, after all, you would have seen all these delicious baked goodies that one of the protagonist bakes!), it also gives you things to think about.


In short, if you are looking for a feel-good film that is a quick watch and has a message or two attached to it, do give Pastry a go. It gave me Christmas feel-good vibes, but you do not have to wait for December to watch this one. You can watch this today on Lesflicks VOD!

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